What Kind of Adventurer Are You?

Photo cred: York Galland


Take a few minutes to answer this fun quiz and find out what type you are.

Take a closer look at the culture around passionate participants of any activity and you’ll almost always see different sets of commonalities around the ways people do things. These differences in approach form the archetypes that we all find ourselves relating to very easily as we grow in our sport.

Outdoor adventurers are no different, and the personality distinctions are pretty clear. Some folks love to collect gear, they keep it shiny and nice, their collection grows with every bit of new research. We know others out there who like to go light — they need very little gear to be in the outdoors and they like it that way. Others just live for the setup. They have perfected the art of a comfortably fine-tuned site furnished with dialed systems, furniture, epic food, and chill vibes. And of course, let us not forget those extremist athletes who only go when the miles will pile up, the trail is steep, and the adrenaline flows. Whether you are laser focused on bagging peaks or the journey is more important to you than the destination, it’s fun to know what kind of adventurer you are.