Updates to Hornet™ for 2019

Article by NEMO

Updates to Hornet™ for 2019

Photo cred: Carlos Prado


We’ve pushed Hornet™ again this season and we are stoked with the results — it exemplifies that perfect balance as the best two-person, two-door, two-vestibule, sub two-pound tent on the market. Here are a few new reasons why we think you’ll agree that Hornet™ has earned its reputation as the ultimate in lightweight livability.


Hornet™ stands out as an emerald in a reck rock desert landscape Photo: Nick Tortajada.

HORNET™, the Ultimate in Lightweight Livability

More thru-hikers and ultralight weekenders choose Hornet™ for their adventure shelter, and for good reasons. We've just decided to add a few more.

Flybar™ draws inspiration from wide-shouldered clothes hangers, adding more headroom and relieving tension on the fly.

Flybar™ Volumizing Pole Clip

Without adding any weight to Hornet™, we came up with two ways to pump up the volume for more comfort. Taking cues from those wide-shouldered hangers used to support jackets and dresses to avoid permanently creasing these finer materials, we created our patent-pending Flybar™. Without having to alter Hornet’s pole structure or configuration, Flybar™ connects to the central pole and simultaneously pulls at the mesh canopy from either side to widen the peak and add more sitting headroom. As an added benefit, Flybar™ also distributes fly tension more evenly with its flexible wings. Color-coded poles and triangulated corner struts

Triangulated Volumizing Guyouts and Struts

The other way to add more volume was to add triangulated guy outs and corner struts to increase volume at the foot. Through tension at the corners, the triangulated guyouts and struts allow users to keep tub walls vertical and straight, protecting sleeping bags … and ultimately your feet … from tent wall condensation.


Color-Coded Poles

Our minimal, single-hub pole structure didn’t change — we still use DAC Featherlite poles to shave every ounce possible. The lightning quick setup remains the same too. But to make the setup experience more enjoyable and intuitive ... and ensure you stay dry, we’ve color-coded the poles to make sure they align with their proper sides.


White No-See-Um Mesh

Keeping the sweet airflow of an all-mesh canopy, we’ve added a panel of white mesh at the sides for increased privacy similar to solid fabric. And we kept our black mesh top which turns virtually transparent at night for clear stargazing.

Watch as Hornet™ evolves before your eyes in a shockingly dramatic evolution.

And a Few Other Tweaks...

Sometimes it's the little things that make the biggest impact.

  • A new weight - We got Hornet™ 2P under 2 pounds — and still kept the vestibules and livable space palatial.

  • Tub height - For 2019, the tub height was almost doubled to keep you dry and add durability.

  • Fresh stakes - For added strength, durability, and a lighter packed weight we moved to Y stakes in our high-grade 7000 series aluminum.

We designed the fly to be tensioned perfectly once it is clipped on
  • Fly geometry- We removed fly tensioning at the head and created a geometry that is taught immediately when clipped to pole grommet for greater weatherproof protection.

  • More durable Divvy™ Sack - Divvy™ stuff sack still allows you to lighten your pack by splitting the load with a partner using its unique dual-stage design but is now made of a more durable fabric to last longer and keep tent fabrics more protected.

  • Guyout placement - We’ve added an additional guyout on the fly (on center at the head) to keep it taught and away from inner canopy ensuring a drier night during rainy weather.

Photo: Nick Tortajada.

Sleep Better. Adventure Better.

Our designers are constantly refining concepts, developing materials, and tweaking geometry to master that perfect balance… the balance of functionality, weight, and artistry. They are the pioneers who find new ways to increase performance and improve livability. And now is the time for you to experience the embodiment of those trials and refinements.

Temps are warming up and the snow has melted. Get out in the woods, tear up some trails, and discover all that the wild has to offer. And after you have logged your fill of stunning views and strenuous miles, get ready to experience your greatest night’s sleep… and, the results of our constant obsession with perfect balance.