Double Haul™ is built to bring anywhere — in the car, on the plane, in the canoe... It's a favorite for adventures of all kinds!

Pathways to Adventure

Two hikers, one carrying a child, stand on a trail overlooking a mountainous landscape with autumn foliage, backpacks on their backs.

The goal of Endless Promise® is to keep our gear out of the landfill.

Every item in the Endless Promise® collection is designed to reduce waste, encourage repair, and — most crucially — be fully recyclable when it can adventure no more. This is just one step in our journey to take responsibility for the gear we create from beginning to end.

A person inside a tent smiles and interacts with a German Shepherd dog. The tent is pitched in a mountainous area with a lake and rocky terrain in the background.

Trade It, Don't Trash It

Send in your gently used gear to earn money and help pass it along to a new adventurer.

Resell Your Gear
Photograph of Cam Brensinger founder and CEO.

Adventure Anywhere.® Adventure for Anyone.® Adventure Forever.®

Our founder and CEO, Cam Brensinger, started NEMO Equipment with the goal of building a lasting and iconic brand that inspires love for adventure, each other, and our planet.