Why Disco Is the Goldilocks of Sleeping Bags

Article by NEMO

Why Disco Is the Goldilocks of Sleeping Bags

All NEMO sleeping bags come equipped with innovative technical features and comfort details, so it can be hard to tell at first which one is the right choice for you. When versatility is key and sleep is a priority, we find ourselves coming back, again and again, to our best-selling Disco™ down sleeping bag — something we refer to around here as “the Goldilocks of Spoon™ bags.” 

Not too bulky, not too slim, and great for a variety of seasons, Disco is truly an ideal backpacking bag.

Disco is the best bang for your buck. The Classic shape is roomy for side sleepers like me, and it's light enough to backpack with yet also luxurious enough to use for car camping and sleeping at a friend's house. Down sleeping bags can be a big investment, but the Disco comes at a great, affordable price for such a premium down bag.”Sam Rokos, NEMO PR & Marketing Coordinator 

Here, we break down how Disco earns its reputation as the all-in-one for comfort, value, function, and fit. 


That Sweet, Sweet Spoon™ Shape 

Disco offers my ideal balance of comfort and packability. At NEMO we have access to a gear closet full of technical ultralight gear, but I'm not going to compromise a good night's sleep for saving a few ounces. I tend to shift around in my sleep, so Disco's Classic Spoon silhouette gives me the freedom to sleep naturally without restrictions.”Gabriel Rosenstein, NEMO Product Development Director 

Ultralight mummy silhouettes are cool and all, but have you tried sleeping in a bag that doesn’t constrict or wake you up with every turn? 

NEMO’s iconic Spoon design takes its cue from both spooning couples and the iconic New England dessert, the Hoodsie Cup — specifically, the wooden “spoon” it comes with. (If you know, you know.) 

Spoon bags don’t simply turn a mummy bag on its side; they’re cut with more room at the shoulders and knees so side sleepers (70% of all people!) can snooze in comfort, plus the rest of us can turn and adjust our position with ease. There are three variations of Spoon shape to account for varying pack size, weight requirements, and comfort preferences, and the Classic Spoon remains the sweet spot that balances them all. 

Get Down With Down 

I prefer down over synthetic insulation, because down-filled bags typically pack smaller and weigh less than bags filled with synthetic insulation. I also like the fact that down is a natural material, keeping ducks and geese warm and dry without fossil fuels. It’s a by-product of the food industry, essentially waste that has been repurposed for good.”Brent Merriam, NEMO COO 

No judgement — synthetic fill has its own set of perks (lightweight, quick-drying, etc.). But when it comes to packable cozy comfort you just can’t beat down. Disco’s is RDS-certified and boasts a noticeably plush 650 FP. 

Fill power indicates the relative quality of down and measures how much it compresses under a lightly weighted disc. The less it compresses, the higher the quality, loft, and fill power rating. At 650 FP, you get that cloudlike feeling that’s heavenly at the end of a major mileage day. 

Condensation and rain are often concerns when considering down, but Disco’s is treated with a hydrophobic coating to prevent saturation and clumping. (Plus, the footbox and hood are constructed with waterproof fabrics to further prevent this issue.) 

Easy Breezy or Mostly Toasty? Your Choice. 

I have the 15 degree and have used it in spring, summer, and fall with a comfortable night’s sleep every time.”Abigail McIntosh, NEMO Customer Service Guide 

Offered in two temperature ratings, the Disco sleeping bag comes ready for most common camping conditions. Should the temperature drop, the one-handed drawstring in the hood makes it easy to lock in body heat without leaving the warmth of the bag, and the Blanket Fold™ draft collar folds inward to further block any escape. If you’re feeling toasty, the built-in Thermo Gill™ vents help dissipate that excess warmth. By partially unzipping, or unzipping one or both, you have exceptional control over your comfort and personal preference without having to resort to complete cold air exposure.

Don’t Worry, We Thought of Everything 

It’s the details that matter, and Disco has plenty.