How to Fix Mesh Runs (and Prevent Them)

Article by NEMO

How to Fix Mesh Runs (and Prevent Them)

The mesh that we use in many of our tent models is a very lightweight, high-end knit mesh. It’s designed to reduce weight and increase airflow, resulting in better breathability. This special No-See-Um mesh is 30% lighter than other standard No-See-Um meshes on the market. Since the mesh is a knit (as opposed to a woven) material, the knit pattern can “move” around if the fibers are pulled. This usually occurs when Velcro comes into contact with the knit, causing the mesh to bunch up.

The knit pattern can "move" or snag, causing bunching.

As long as the knit isn’t torn, any small snags and bunches should be fixable by rubbing the area with your finger. We find the best method is to lay the affected area on a hard surface and gently rub it with the tip of your finger, trying a few different directions until you find the one that makes the snag disappear. In any case, so long as the mesh isn’t torn, the mesh shouldn’t spread apart enough to allow bugs to pass through. If the mesh does tear, there are a couple of things you can do.

Gently rub the snag with the tip of your finger to separate the fibers and straighten them out.

At-Home Mesh Repair

Tear-Aid patches can be a very effective repair for mesh tears. We recommend reinforcing two patches on each side of the mesh and letting it cure overnight before packing the tent back in its stuff sack. A Tear-Aid patch can be a permanent repair that will last for years, so you can continue to use your tent free of insects.

Flip the mesh over and apply the second patch on the other side to reinforce the mesh.

Professional Repair

Is the tear too large for a Tear-Aid patch? NEMO offers professional repair services for more in-depth repairs. To request a repair quote or start the repair process, please start here. Our team would be happy to get your gear professionally repaired so you can continue adventuring with your NEMO gear!

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