The Gear Re-Conomy: Trade Your Gently Used Gear for Cash this Spring

Article by Ashley MacPherson

The Gear Re-Conomy: Trade Your Gently Used Gear for Cash this Spring

What better outcome is there to spring cleaning than helping the planet and scoring some new gear? 

With the final ski days of the season upon us, we’re dusting off the snow and dreaming of warmer weather on beautiful spring hikes. As the seasons change, so do the gear closets of every outdoor adventurer. Instead of ski boots, ice cleats, and down jackets, we’re swapping in trekking poles, tents, and hiking backpacks. 


Out with the old, in with the new

Digging out the upcoming season's gear can bring back fond memories. It can also showcase a need for a refresh as you unpack that tent that's bulkier than you'd like, or the sleeping bag that feels too snug these days. 

NEMO is making the upgrade process easier than ever (while supporting their sustainability mission!) with their new, straightforward online tool that gives old gear new life, keeping it out of trash and on the trails. By partnering with Out&Back Outdoor, NEMO customers now have the option to trade in gently used gear for cash or gift cards, be it for NEMO Equipment or a variety of other supported brands. With millions of outdoor products created each year and a large portion of that gear ending up in landfills, NEMO is committed to making impactful changes that reduce its environmental footprint — and create the opportunity for other adventurers to purchase quality gear at a more accessible price.


The lasting benefits to trading in your gear

NEMO strives to make adventure possible for anyone, focusing on keeping people active and healthy, as well creating a healthy planet. That equitable relationship with the world we live in takes shape in everything NEMO does, from how products are sourced and designed, to encouraging gear repair for longer use, to supporting nonprofit groups that increase equitable outdoor access.

By offering gear trade-in via secondary markets like Out&Back, NEMO is providing outdoor adventurers with a great option to refresh their gear while contributing to a brighter future for the planet and the community. Exchanging gear offers cost savings and provides local communities access to gently used gear, giving greater access to the outdoors to the next enthusiastic adventurer. It also supports the environment by reducing the footprint of new goods production. To top it off, every time gear is sold to Out&Back, 1% of the value received is donated to 1% for the Planet, a network of businesses focused on supporting people and the planet. 


How does the process work?

I recently ran through the NEMO gear exchange flow with some old cycling gear and was impressed by how easy it was to quickly input the gear, get a quote, ship it out, and get paid with a gift card towards new products. With the simple steps below, you can elevate your seasonal change game.

  • First, gather your gear. You can trade in NEMO or non-NEMO products. Enter your address and basic information about the products you’re trading in (i.e. brand, SKU, size, color and condition).
  • Next, choose if you’d like cash or a NEMO gift card (if you choose the gift card, you'll get a bigger payout!) and download the shipping label. You’ll receive a confirmation email that your trade-in has been confirmed with instructions to box it up and send it from your local USPS location. In keeping with the mission of reducing environmental impact, NEMO recommends packing up your gear in as few boxes as possible. If your item is oversized, a quick call to NEMO customer service will help you with the shipping logistics. 
  • Lastly, get paid! Out&Back will email you once the item is received. After review by their used gear experts, you’ll be notified that payment has been sent in the form of Venmo, PayPal, or gift card. It doesn’t get easier than that!



NEMO continues to create unique products and innovative programs that support a more sustainable future. To become part of the solution with the re-use economy, visit NEMO's Trade-In page and trade in your gear this spring.



Ashley is a local writer, passionate about telling stories that reveal our shared human experience. Currently living in Conway, NH with her husband and their rescue pup, she is a lover of film, food, wine, and travel. The outdoors is her happy place—on any given day, you can find Ashley cycling, running, hiking, skiing, and generally enjoying all NH has to offer.