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Moonlite™ Elite Reclining Backpacking Chair - Firstlite™ Exclusive Colorway

A Moonlite™ Elite Reclining Backpacking Chair - Firstlite™ Exclusive Colorway with a lightweight frame and mesh fabric seat, enhanced by high-strength cord for added durability. The brand


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Weighing in at just 1.1 pounds, the Moonlite™ Elite reclining backpacking chair eliminates any excuse to leave comfort behind when you hit the trail. Offering both reclining suspension and stable support, Moonlite Elite features innovative design solutions that remove unnecessary weight and help the chair nest easily in your pack.

The chair’s brand-new suspension system trades webbing for slim cordage that blends HTP and Dyneema®, two fibers that have proven their strength and water resistance through time-tested use in rock-climbing, sailing, and other safety-critical activities. This high-strength cord feeds through a beautifully designed piece of hardware (inspired by belay devices) which is lightweight, unobtrusive, and allows for smooth reclining of the chair.

Both the forged aluminum hubs and molded corner mounts have been strategically optimized for weight while maintaining impressive strength and reliable durability. This process of “skeletonizing” the hardware removes every ounce of unnecessary material and is the result of complex design problem-solving and thorough engineering analysis. The result? An elevated, thoughtful design and a true backpacking chair that’s unmatched in the market.

Equally unique is Moonlite Elite’s carrying case, the tool roll–style Platform Pack™ which can double as an optional platform that adds stability on sandy surfaces.

Finally, the chair’s seat is made from a custom-engineered, post-consumer recycled mesh that blends polyester and TPU fibers for a seamless design that comfortably cradles the body. This seamless seat design attaches to the frame with minimized ball-and-socket connectors that rotate and align with the body to avoid any uncomfortable pressure points.



  • At just 1 lb 2 oz, Moonlite™ Elite is a true backpacking-friendly weight for bringing comfort on the trail.
  • Patent-pending reclining system allows you to adjust your sitting angle for dining, working on a laptop, or carefree relaxing.
  • Skeletonized forged aluminum hubs radically cut weight from the design while providing impressive strength and reliable durability.
  • Frame poles connect to the lightweight molded corner mounts with a satisfying click.
  • Premium forged 6061 series aluminum hubs and 7001 series aluminum tubes are built for a lifetime of use and stability.
  • The seamless seat design is made possible by custom-engineered mesh that conforms better to different body shapes.
  • Each pole in the frame has a unique diameter and shape optimized for weight and strength.
  • 100% recycled materials are used in mesh, edge binding, and webbing — mesh and select hardware are bluesign® approved.
  • Includes a tool roll–style Platform Pack™ carrying case that doubles as an optional platform for sandy surfaces.
  • Protected by the NEMO Lifetime Warranty.

What's Included

  • Stuff Sack

Specifications & Information

Specs Cipher
Packed Size 12.5 x 3.0 x 4.0 in / 32 x 8 x 10 cm
Dimensions 18 x 19 x 23 in / 46 x 48 x 59 cm
Color Cipher
Frame Aluminum
Packed Weight 1 lb 6 oz / 617 g
Weight Capacity 250 lb
Stuff Sack Style Roll-up