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Testing a tent in the rain chamber.
Testing a tent in the rain chamber.

A job at NEMO is probably different from any job you’ve ever had.

It’s probably a lot like the job you’ve always wished you could have. In fact, for the right person, it’s not really like a job at all.

Remember the feeling of camaraderie that comes with sharing an epic adventure with your best friends? Have you ever turned to a friend while walking in steps you were quite sure had never been taken and remarked that there was absolutely nowhere you would rather be — nothing you would rather be doing? That’s the feeling of working at NEMO.

The team here at NEMO is in love with the outdoors, passionate about adventure, and seeks to inspire engagement with outdoor adventure through thoughtful design. We believe great product is an essential part of the equation of enjoying adventure.

A sticker on one of the conference tables at NEMO reads, “Design Like You Give a Damn” and that about sums up the ethos at our company. Everyone on the design team works hands-on to sew samples or build prototypes. There’s always a buzz of activity in the office and there are signs of product design and development every direction you look.

Design Like You Give a Damn sticker
A sticker on our conference room table.

We take full responsibility for every creative detail of our brand and products. Our team does all product design, engineering, development, studio photography, graphic design, etc. in house. And we have some serious talent onboard with a designer from Apple, a PhD engineer from GE, and a number of veterans from the industry. To support the design and engineering efforts of the team, our beautiful office in a refurbished textile mill building in Dover, NH, has a full woodshop, photo studio, testing lab, rain chamber and full product design suite.

At NEMO, ideas for new products begin with having real experiences in adventure. A passion for adventure is an absolute prerequisite for being part of the team, and the design team at NEMO works by these key principles:

  • Never bring anything to market that isn’t significantly better than what is already available.
  • Own and obsess over every detail.
  • Be proud of what you do.

We have an intentionally small team, but thoughtfully add positions to support our growth.

NEMO culture

NEMO is a Top 10 Place to Work in New Hampshire, and it’s not hard to see why.

The culture at NEMO is very open and collaborative. People aren’t shy to share opinions and ideas, a by-product of the design-driven culture. The environment is actually a lot like a design studio, not coincidently, with everyone tackling their own projects, but also ready to lean over someone else’s desk to offer input or jump into a group discussion to brainstorm and critique. The office itself is beautiful, designed by Cam and his father. The workstations, built by Cam and our NEMO team from discarded warehouse pallet racks, are each faced with giant canvases depicting red-tailed hawks – our unofficial mascot –that were painted by each employee.

People here take their jobs seriously. Everyone recognizes the opportunity to accomplish something for themselves and for the brand. Not many companies in the industry growing at this pace can offer so much opportunity for one person to make a real difference.  We appreciate that we’ve got a unique opportunity and put our hearts into every project. The volume of work this small team does, accomplished more with sweat than with dollars, is astounding. All the product design, development, and testing; all the sales materials, labels, hang tags, and catalogs; all the website updates and studio photography; plus all the standard functions of operations, finance, sales and customer service are all tackled in-house. Most brands engage agencies or consultancies for many of those functions, but we believe in taking ownership of what we create. And that spirit of stubborn pride and commitment to quality pervades the business.


NEMO Headquarters

We are situated in a beautiful office in a restored old textile mill on the Cocheco River in Dover, NH. The river cascades over a twenty foot fall right in front of our building and passes under the building through a huge archway, following the east side of the building before it meanders through town and off to the Piscataqua River and into Portsmouth Harbor.

The space is on the second floor of the mill situated at the southern end, with tons of natural light. We have a photo studio, wood shop, testing lab, rain chamber, sampling area, cafe and bathrooms with showers. We work at standing height workstations, with artwork and plants in every direction, a great sound system, and always a few friendly canines keeping us company.

Dover is a fast-growing, small New Hampshire town with a great children’s museum, public concert venue, and nice parks. We are about 15 minutes from historic Portsmouth, NH with fantastic restaurants, an incredibly charming downtown and the famous Strawberry Banke museum. Kittery, ME is about 25 minutes away and is another fast-growing, very hip destination with fabulous food and ocean vistas.

Many people don’t realize how great the surfing in the area can be. It comes and goes, but when the swell is in, we have some excellent spots without the crowds and attitudes more common at west coast destinations. And surf culture is on the rise in the area. Look up Cinnamon Rainbows or Summer Sessions to check out the local shops, their surf cams and get a sense of the culture and events. Grain Surfboards is just over the border in Maine.

The White Mountains have a ton to offer from rock climbing, to some of the best ice climbing in the country, to the well-known Mt. Washington, to over forty 4,000 foot mountains for hiking, the wonderful AMC high huts, and a number of excellent ski areas. The Whites are an easy hour drive up route 16 from the office.

New Hampshire sits at the crossroads between Vermont, Massachusetts and Maine, each of which have their own special charm and countless worthy destinations for weekend adventures or family sightseeing. New England has a unique charm and personality that’s a great fit for young families and young businesses looking to strike the perfect balance between adventures in the outdoors and accomplishment in academia and business.

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