About NEMO

Our Story

Every day 25 of us and our nine dogs come together in a 200-year old refurbished textile mill in Dover, New Hampshire to make the most creative, thoughtfully-designed outdoor gear in the world. Sitting four stories above a river that takes you straight to the ocean by kayak, we design and build the kind of gear we love to use ourselves.

NEMO is founded on a commitment to adventure – to the fearless pursuit of uncharted paths, in everything from the equipment we build to the way we run our business. Bravely exploring new directions opens our minds, brings us closer to the people we depend on, sharpens our wits, and lifts our spirits.

Adventure gives us purpose and perspective. It makes us humble and proud. We believe meaningful adventures are possible for everyone, anywhere. Possible, that is, if you bring the will, the imagination, and the right gear.

We’re motivated by this mission on a daily basis, and we have a lot of fun along the way. Here’s a peek into our company.





We’re lucky enough to work in a creative space that’s always buzzing with activity – at any given minute the rain chamber is blasting water, our designers and engineers are building prototypes, we’re sketching furiously, and we may or may not be challenging each other to a Pantone lightbox test.

1 Thing We All Agree On

  1. Adventuring makes us better human beings.

2 Directions We Go For Fun

  1. To the Mountains! We sit an hour south of the craggy White Mountains, famously home of the worst weather in the world.
  2. To the Ocean! We’re 15 minutes away from the surf, allowing us to catch some waves before heading into the office.

3 Things We Believe

  1. The team that bikes, hikes, climbs and skis together is the strongest team.
  2. Design and engineering are complementary pieces of the puzzle of creating great solutions.
  3. We should use our business not only to improve the experience of adventure, but also to protect the places we adventure.

4 Little Known Facts

  1. We decided on Birch Leaf Green back in 2002 – the color of nearly half our products – by walking outside and plucking a birch leaf off a tree, then matching the color in a Pantone book.
  2. Before starting NEMO, Cam helped design the next generation of space suits for NASA.
  3. Our first airbeam took more than 1500 straight pins to achieve its compound curve.
  4. The name “NEMO” started out as an acronym for “New England Mountain Outfitters” and was a nod to Jules Verne’s Captain Nemo, an adventurer, moral crusader, and engineer. In Latin, “Nemo” means “No Man,” and in Mandarin it translates as “Square.”

5 Things You'll See Around Our Office

  1. Vintage sewing machines
  2. Wetsuits hanging in our rain chamber
  3. A collection of “American Bricks,” the predecessor to Lego®.
  4. A killer wood shop
  5. A ring toss, our favorite diversion

6 of Our Favorite Team Adventures

  1. Canyoneering in Zion
  2. Mountain biking Porcupine trail in Moab
  3. Reach the Beach Ragnar
  4. Our annual company backpacking trip & campout
  5. Company ski days (when we can’t drive 10 minutes to the office, we can surely make it an hour to the mountain)
  6. Morning surf sessions and lunch runs

7 Canine Members of the Family

  1. Tsuba
  2. Monty
  3. Sage
  4. Gus
  5. Crosby
  6. Beetle
  7. Ezzy

8 products we don't make but we love

  1. Darn Tough socks
  2. Festool woodworking tools
  3. Hans Karlsson Sloyd axes
  4. Olukai slippers
  5. Grain surfboards
  6. Stanley Classic vacuum bottles
  7. Snow Peak Wabuki chopsticks
  8. Hestra leather gloves

9 Pop Questions for Cam

  1. If you could take anyone in the world camping, who would it be?
    Clint Eastwood
  2. How many spoons do you plan on carving?
    One for every time I go camping!
  3. Is it true you take cold showers every morning?
    No. More often at night.
  4. What’s one thing no one knows about you?
    I was terrified of heights until 8th grade.
  5. How’d you meet your wife?
    Through the climbing scene in Boston. Our first date was at Metro Rock. I made a basket with a lollipop wrapper to get my second date with her.
  6. When did you design your first tent?
    Senior year of design school. I built a full scale prototype with cardboard in my dorm room.
  7. What motivates you in three words?
    Life is short.
  8. What’s on your desk right now?
    A Post-it listing a few books I want to read, a sketch book, and a list of technologies for our next patent filing.
  9. What animal best represents you?
    Wolf. Tsuba and I are soul animals.

10 Favorite Names of our Gear

  1. Ditto
  2. Spoon shape
  3. Fillo pillow
  4. Helio shower
  5. Heliopolis
  6. Nocturne and Rhapsody
  7. Gogo
  8. Bugout
  9. Morpho
  10. Yurti