Common Gear Issues You Can Fix Yourself

Article by NEMO

Common Gear Issues You Can Fix Yourself

Camping season is coming, and your future self will thank you if you take the time to look through all your gear now to make sure any issues or damage are addressed before you hit the trail. All NEMO products are covered by our Lifetime Warranty and we’re happy to help repair your gear, but when the fresh air’s calling, sometimes you just can’t wait — that’s where these easy DIY fixes come in. 

Our Warranty Manager and repair expert, Andrew Baxley, put together this list of the most common issues and how to resolve them. 

Easy Fix: Zipper Isn't Opening Smoothly

Easy Fix: Zipper Not Closing Properly

Easy Fix: Tent Has a Hole

Easy Fix: Sleeping Pad Has a Leak

Easy Fix: Sleeping Bag Has Seen Better Days

Easy Fix: Grommet Needs Replacing

Easy Fix: Turn Two Sleeping Bags Into One

Easy Fix: Tent Pole Shock Cord Needs Replacing

Easy Fix: Tent Pole Segment Needs Replacing

Easy Fix: Tent is No Longer Waterproof


About the Expert

Andrew Baxley grew up in Central Illinois in the middle of the corn fields, where his idea of getting outside was mostly limited to helping around the house or on the farm. After moving from Illinois to Portland, Oregon, he started his gear repair career and has been doing that ever since, for more than a decade. When he’s not inspecting gear, making repairs, or solving customer issues, he enjoys getting outside — especially if it involves kayaking, hiking, camping, or sailing. He’s had the privilege of visiting all seven continents with his wife, including a five-month stint in Antarctica.