Vote to Protect the Outdoors

Article by NEMO

Vote to Protect the Outdoors

NEMO's goal as a brand is to support adventure anywhere, for anyone, forever. It’s a mission that drives our business decisions as well as the lobbying work we do every year with the Outdoor Industry Association in Washington, D.C. Our own employees will be given time to vote on November 8th and we hope to see our fellow outdoor enthusiasts at the polls.

Across our country, we may differ on many important issues, but as recreationists and adventurers, it's crucial to know the candidates most likely to protect our public lands and address a changing climate.

Use this blog as a checklist to prepare!

Make Sure You’re Registered 

Some states allow you to register online or even on election day at the polls. Check your registration status here, and your state's specific registration deadline here.

Study Your Local Issues & Representatives 

Be sure to read up on candidates and issues BEFORE getting to the polls. (We’re guilty here, too.) Learn more about your specific state here.  

Outside Online has also compiled a useful overview of some of the most crucial races when it comes to climate effects — and which little-known local representatives have a bigger impact than you may think. Read more here. 

Plan How You’re Getting to the Polls 

Whether you’re going on a lunch break, or before or after work, it always helps to have a plan and know where to go! Find your polling place here 

Traveling on Election Day? Now’s the time to check your state’s policy on absentee ballot voting. For mail-in ballots, some states require them to be received up to 21 days before the voting day! Find your state’s specific deadline here. 

Don’t have transportation? Ridesharing apps like Lyft are offering 50% off rides on Election Day to get you to the polls. Lyft is also donating free or heavily discounted ride codes to nonprofit partners whose communities traditionally face barriers when getting to the polls. Find more information on Lyft’s Voting Access Program here. 

Many cities with public transportation waive fares on Election Day, so check to see if your own transit system will be offering free rides.

Take Action!  

Contacting your state’s representatives is an awesome way to get involved and voice what matters most to you. Check out the resources below to get involved in protecting outdoor recreation: 

  • Contact your local representatives to encourage congress to advance the America’s Outdoor Recreation Act here. 

  • Use League of Conservation Voters' email templates to write to President Biden to protect more parks and get involved in other critical environmental issues here.
  • Contact your local representatives about other causes you feel passionate about using Resistbot, an automated text service that does the legwork for you.