Vote the Outdoors

Article by NEMO

Vote the Outdoors

Come Together to Get Outside

If there's one thing that brings us together, it's the outdoors. No matter your political stripes, voting for candidates who will support our collective love for wild places is a win for all of us. This November 6, pledge to use your vote for good: stand up for the conservation of state and public lands, support policies that will reverse the effects of climate change, and support access to recreation for all. It's all within your power with the simple privilege of a vote. To help empower you to #VoteTheOutdoors, here are a few easy resources.


2018 Voter's Guide

The 2018 Voters Guide ,compiled by the Outdoor Industry Association, is a bipartisan guide with information on key races and ballot initiatives around the country, including 34 races to watch closely that could have a serious impact on federal and state outdoor recreation policies.

OIA Congressional Scorecard

The OIA's first-ever congressional scorecard helps you know at a glance how your elected officials are voting on issues related to outdoor recreation. Each official is ranked with a simple grade, making it easy to digest and understand.
There is no better time to use one simple act to make a huge difference for the outdoor spaces we love so much. If you believe, like we do, that getting outside for adventures makes us all better people, please pledge to vote this November 6 and show your support with #VoteTheOutdoors.