The First-Ever Swinging and Reclining Camp Chair Hits the Market Today

Article by NEMO

The First-Ever Swinging and Reclining Camp Chair Hits the Market Today

NEMO’s Newest Invention Is Designed to Revolutionize Sitting

Ever since chairs were first created about five thousand years ago, people have been continuously improving upon comfort and form. And today, NEMO Equipment, Inc. announces a step-change in comfort with the introduction of the first ever portable swinging and reclining camp chair.

The Stargaze™ Recliner is a suspended engineered chair that allows the dynamic swinging motion of a hammock with hands-free ‘just-lean-back’ reclining for a relaxed view of the night sky or upright socializing around the campfire. After four years in development and testing, the chair is now available for purchase. The engineering feat of designing a chair that is dynamically suspended like this, and yet more stable than most portable chairs on the market, was significant.

“Designing a lightweight, portable camp chair that swings, reclines and can be used on uneven ground, without needing to be anchored from above, presented a series of design and engineering challenges,” said NEMO Founder and CEO, Cam Brensinger. “We used a system of pulleys and custom-designed hardware to achieve just the right balance of body weight and pressure needed for reclining, regardless of the person’s weight. We invented Super Lock™ stainless steel hardware to easily and securely connect the chair seat to the frame. We experimented with a variety of materials before landing on aircraft-grade aluminum poles for their strength and flexibility.”

The Stargaze™ Recliner also has all the thoughtful details you’d expect of a product made by NEMO, the outdoor gear company known for shifting the way people enjoy the outdoors through its innovative designs. The chair is made of breathable, weatherproof mono-filament mesh, has a media pocket and drink holder, and packs in seconds into a molded carrying case with a shoulder strap.

The combination of portability and comfort makes this the easy grab-and-go choice for concerts, sporting events, BBQs, the beach, or the campsite. StargazeTM Recliner is available in three sizes — Luxury, Regular and Low — with the Luxury offering a padded headrest and the deepest reclining action, and the Low version providing a closer-to-the-ground sitting experience. Prices range from $169.95 - $219.95.


Stargaze Recliner in Action The Stargaze™ Recliner in Action


About NEMO

NEMO is a New Hampshire-based outdoor gear design company that is known for continuously creating award-winning products that are built to last, comfortable and fun to use. In 2017, Founder and CEO Cam Brensinger was named one of the outdoor industry’s Best & Brightest — 26 people setting the outdoor industry on fire by Outdoor Retailer Daily, and the brand’s Helio™ LX Pressure Shower was awarded the International OutDoor Industry Award.

NEMO’s reputation for design innovation across its product lines — tents, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, hammocks, and furniture — is an outgrowth of their design philosophy to never bring anything to market that doesn’t offer a meaningfully better experience. Their team of designers and engineers are motivated by a passion for outdoor adventure and sustainability.



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