NEMO's Areas of Impact

Article by NEMO

NEMO's Areas of Impact

At NEMO, we believe if there’s any industry that should be leading the way in reversing climate change, it’s ours. (As a company that makes gear for outdoor adventures, our lifestyles and livelihoods literally depend on it.) 

Our mission for the past two decades has been to build an iconic and lasting brand dedicated to inspiring outdoor adventure — and that includes protecting the people and places that make it possible. By remaining a majority family-owned business, we’re able to prioritize these efforts and focus not on the next earnings quarter, but on the long-term future of our business and the impact it creates.


How We Make an Impact 

Design and Innovation 

We use our brains and creativity to design and manufacture products in ways that use fewer resources and produce less waste and fewer harmful outputs. We seek to reduce our environmental impact and create long-lasting, easily repairable items.


Carbon Accountability 

We measure our emissions annually, reduce as much as possible, and take financial accountability for any remaining emissions by strategically offsetting with carbon credits.

Responsible Sourcing 

We leverage our brand and sales volumes to reduce impacts across our global value chain.

Advocacy for People and the Planet 

We use our brand platform to influence society and politics with the goal of reversing climate change. We promote social justice, equity, diversity, and inclusivity — both internally and with our brand voice.

Corporate Governance 

We assume a moral and fiduciary responsibility to address climate and social impacts with the financing, strategy, and oversight of the company.


The Path Ahead

Though it’s just the beginning of an ongoing effort, our new website allows us to share more of our actions in these areas. Brand-new is an Adventure Resources page that features content to help anyone find a pathway to adventure, and we’re partnering with some amazing folks and companies to help connect both our existing customer base and underrepresented communities with the outdoors. 

After months of hard work, we’re stoked to offer some new products that exemplify our design philosophy. Our Dagger OSMO™ and Hornet Elite OSMO™ backpacking tents represent an exciting step forward in sustainable innovation at NEMO, with each featuring a proprietary 100% recycled tent fabric. Not only that, but the OSMO™ fabric is PFC- and PFAS-free, achieves fire retardancy without added chemicals, and still manages to be a better-performing option than the previous tent fabric. 


Also available is our updated Tensor™ sleeping pad, which features — along with a pretty big insulation upgrade — materials that are 100% bluesign® APPROVED. That means they meet strict criteria related to consumer safety, minimum impact on people and the environment, and responsible use of resources. 

This is just the beginning of what we have in store for the year to come, and many more ahead.

We hope you’ll follow along as we blaze the trail.