Easy Fix: Turn Two Sleeping Bags Into One

Article by NEMO

Easy Fix: Turn Two Sleeping Bags Into One

All NEMO products are covered by our Lifetime Warranty and we’re happy to help repair your gear, but when the fresh air’s calling, sometimes you just can’t wait — that’s where this easy DIY fix comes in.

The couple that camps together, stays together — but only if they get a good night’s sleep, too. That’s why we’ve designed most* NEMO sleeping bags to zip together, so you and your partner can better enjoy the overnight. 

Tools & Materials Needed: 

  • 2 compatible sleeping bags (see more below) 

The Fix: 

  1. Move the zipper slider down the track until it is at the bottom of the sleeping bag. Pull the zipper track end out of the zipper slider to separate the tracks.

  2. Line up the two sleeping bags next to each other, orienting the men's sleeping bag on the left and the women's bag on the right. Match the back zipper tracks and the top zipper tracks.

  3. Start with the track that connects the back of each bag. Connect them just as you would a jacket zipper, ensuring that the zipper pull is in the fully opened position and touching the zipper stop at the end. Slide the non-pull side into the two zipper pulls. (Important: Both pulls should be together at the end of the track.)

  4. Repeat this step for the top zipper and you’re good to go!


Begin by moving the zipper pull to the bottom of each bag and detaching the zipper track, as pictured here.


      Line up the bags, men's on the left and women's on the right. Using the back zipper track, feed the track through the zipper pull on the women's bag. 
       Make sure the tracks on both bags are even with each other for a clean zip.


       Repeat steps with the top zipper.


      And you're done!


      • NEMO bags are designed so the men’s version zips to the women’s version. Two men’s bags and two women’s bags will not zip together, so purchase accordingly. 
      • Some NEMO bags are only compatible with the men’s or women’s model of the same bag model. Tempo and Kayu will only zip together with other Tempos and Kayus. 
      • Riff, Disco, and Forte are all compatible with each other, men’s to women’s.
      • Models may not be backwards compatible (a newer Tempo might not zip into an older Tempo). Please contact us before purchasing if that is a concern!

      If you still need help, don't hesitate to contact our Customer Service team for further assistance! For more DIY repairs, check out the list our Warranty Manager and repair expert, Andrew Baxley, put together here