Easy Fix: Tent Has a Hole

Article by NEMO

Easy Fix: Tent Has a Hole

All NEMO products are covered by our Lifetime Warranty and we’re happy to help repair your gear, but when the fresh air’s calling, sometimes you just can’t wait — that’s where this easy DIY fix comes in.

No need to replace the entire tent — a simple patch is the solution. 

Tools & Materials Needed: 

The Fix: 

  1. Clean the area around the hole with rubbing alcohol or soapy water to make sure all dirt and build-up is removed. Clean both the outside of the fabric and the inside, as that is where the patch will be applied.

  2. Allow the tent fabric to dry fully.

  3. Cut a rounded patch (no sharp corners) large enough to cover the hole completely, as well as one inch of fabric on all sides.

  4. On the inside of the tent, stick the patch over the hole and smooth down into place using the back of a spoon, applying pressure across from edge to edge.

  5. Allow the patch to cure for at least two hours before stressing the fabric.

Clean around the tear first.


Apply patch.


Use a spoon to help reinforce the patch.


Make sure you reinforce both sides of the patch before applying the second patch on the other side.


If you still need help, don't hesitate to contact our Customer Service team for further assistance! For more DIY repairs, check out the list our Warranty Manager and repair expert, Andrew Baxley, put together here.