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Meldr™ Hammer

A Nemo Equipment Meldr™ Hammer.
Meldr™ Hammer png & psd images for tent stake hammer from Nemo Equipment.
A Meldr™ Hammer with a black handle on a white background. Suitable for Nemo Equipment tent stake hammer enthusiasts.
A Meldr™ Hammer by Nemo Equipment.
A Meldr™ Hammer with a wooden handle by Nemo Equipment.
A black Meldr™ Hammer with a wooden handle, also known as a tent stake hammer. (Brand Name: Nemo Equipment)

$74.99 CAD


The Meldr brings the craftsmanship from NEMO's woodshop to the tent stake hammer, with this striking, heirloom-quality camp tool. The solid cast stainless steel head is anchored with custom hardware to the artfully tapered, perfectly balanced hickory shaft. A new ergonomic design and raked striking face makes driving stakes easier. The hammer's aesthetic is completed with a red-tailed hawk-shaped bottle opener, which is also designed for pulling stakes from the ground.



  • Stainless steel head is solid cast for a high-quality feel and efficient force.
  • Artfully tapered and perfectly balanced solid hickory shaft is strong, comfortable, and shock absorbing.
  • Ergonomically designed raked striking face creates perfect strike angle for driving stakes from above, bringing ease and enjoyment to camp set up.
  • Red-tailed hawk-shaped hook doubles as a stake extractor and bottle opener.
  • Minimalist design and timelessness through clean lines and utilitarian strength.
  • Protected by the NEMO Lifetime Warranty.

Specifications & Information

Minimum Weight 1 lb , 9 oz / 705 g
Color Tan
Dimensions 12 x 2 x 3 in / 30 x 4 x 8 cm
Materials Stainless Steel, Hickory