AirSupported Technology ModelAirSupported™ Technology (AST)

Pressurized air is an integral part of structures from car tires to basketballs, from spacesuits to the massive Millennium Arches building in Stockholm.  AirSupported Technology® is NEMO’s unique interpretation of inflatable structures for lightweight backcountry shelters. The advantages of AST®, compared to traditional tent poles, include faster and easier setup, greater strength and wind resistance, easy and reliable repair in the field, smaller pack size, and the ability to bend without breaking.



AST Field RepairabilityAST® Field Repairability

The shape and puncture resistance of an airbeam is provided by the outer sailcloth shell, but the polyurethane bladder inside holds the air. The airbeams should never be damaged during ordinary use, however accidents do happen. In the event of a puncture, the bladder can be easily repaired or replaced. Simply tie the new bladder to the damaged bladder and pull the damaged bladder out of the airbeam. The damaged bladder can then be patched with the included patch kit and kept as a spare.



Temperature RangeAST® Temperature Range

NEMO AirSupported Technology® is capable of withstanding a wide range of conditions including dramatic changes in temperature. At its recommended inflation pressure of 7 psi, a swing from freezing point (32 F) all the way to the most searing heat (120 F) only increases the airbeam pressure to 8.2 psi—not even close to the 20 psi minimum burst pressure of the airbeams. Starting in intense heat (120 F) and dropping to the freezing point (32 F) decreases the pressure to 5.9 psi—still more than enough pressure for a strong and stable shelter. The tents can withstand reasonable winds and weather with as little as 3 psi of pressure. More reasonable temperature fluctuations such as from 90 F to 50 F produce less than 1 psi of pressure change.


Foot PumpAST® Foot Pumps

AirSupported® tents are easily inflated using the Integrated Pump. The integrated pump takes the 1 or 2 psi that you are able to blow with your lungs, and amplifies it to the 7-9 psi you need to optimally inflate a NEMO airbeam. You do this by blowing into the peanut shaped chamber of the pump, and then squeezing the now-inflated chamber. Internal one-way valves send the air out of the pump and into the tent. The “lung-amplifying” pump features durable welded construction, a Moisture Release Valve™, and a Quick-Disconnect Valve for easy airbeam setup.


Watertight Dry Style StuffsackWatertight Dry-Style Stuff Sack

Many of the NEMO AST® tents include watertight dry bags. Having your tent in a watertight stuff sack means it won’t take on water weight if it’s in your backpack while you’re hiking in the rain, or if it’s in your kayak when you roll your boat. Alternatively, if you have to pack your tent wet, it will help keep the rest of the gear in your pack dry.



Exofly Retractable VestibuleExofly™ Retractable Vestibule

NEMO AST® tents feature a unique morphing vestibule. These tents are designed to store gear inside where it can stay dry and close at hand, but if you need a temporary vestibule simply unclip and retract the inner tent from the fly. Use this space to store muddy boots or prepare food while protected from the rain.





Condensation CurtainCondensation Curtain

Experienced climbers know that condensation can be a real hassle at high altitude. Waking up to find the inside of your tent lined with frost is a pain in the neck, and a problem that highly breathable fabrics (even mesh) can’t completely eliminate. That’s why we created the Condensation Curtain™, a thin piece of nylon fabric that hangs lightly above your sleeping bag at night, and isolates your respiration in a small portion of the tent, eliminating frost build-up. The Condensation Curtain™ can be easily removed from the tent to shake off any moisture in the morning.



Internally Deployable VentsInternally Deployable Vents

Many ECT™ tents have large overhead vents designed to increase airflow and reduce condensation. Each vent is equipped with a small strut along the vent opening for easy adjustment from the inside. Vents can be closed during severe weather.




Sleep Tight Anchor Transfer SystemSleep Tight Anchor Transfer™ (STAT™)

The STAT™ allows you to stay tied-in and dry while sleeping inside Tenshi™ on an exposed wall or in a precarious position on a big mountain. Traditionally, mountaineers run a line from their harness to an external anchor through an opening in the door of the tent. But this method compromises the weatherproofness of the shelter, and also creates slack during a potential fall. The STAT™ eliminates these problems with complete weatherproofness and a direct anchor line.



Snow SkirtSnow Skirt

When the weather gets rough outside, snow skirts are a special feature that help block wind from entering your tent. When weighed down with snow, they also protect you from snow drift and spin drift.





Triangulated Guy-OutsTriangulated Guy-Outs

Extreme Conditions Technology (ECT™) shelters are equipped with numerous guy-out points for strengthening the tent poles and shell during the worst conditions. The tents come with guy-out cords that can be attached to any of the guy points, equalized, and secured to a tent stake or other anchor.




Ball CapBall Cap™

To secure the ends of ridge poles, Ball Caps™ are used in place of locking pole tips and grommets. The Ball Cap™ snaps onto an aluminum ball tip at the end of the ridge pole. To release the ridge pole from the Ball Cap™ simply twist the Ball Cap™ until the aluminum ball at the end of the ridge pole is released.



Catenary Curves on DaggerCatenary Curves

We built catenary curves into the edges of tent panels. This method of patterning saves extra material and improves the tensioning of the tent.




DAC Featherlite PolesDAC Featherlight® NSL Poles

DAC Featherlite® NSL poles use a sophisticated system to further reduce weight and increase strength at pole connection points. It is designed to connect different diameters of tent poles without additional parts or weak joints. The poles use a revolutionary jointing system where an expanded end of an insert tube is pressed into the inside of a main tube. Given the elasticity of high strength aluminum, the main tube grips the insert tube tightly and consistently. Featherlite® NSL poles use DAC’s GREEN™ anodization, which avoids the use of toxic heavy metals in the finishing process.


DAC PolesDAC Featherlite® Poles

DAC Featherlite® poles are up to 15% lighter than aluminum poles of comparable strength. Additionally, Featherlite® poles are less susceptible to failure because pole linkages are based on extrusion instead of glued-in inserts. Without the extra insert piece, there is less chance of breakage. Featherlite® poles use DAC’s GREEN™ anodization, which avoids the use of toxic heavy metals in the finishing process.



Jake's FootJake’s Foot Corner Anchor System

The DAC Jake’s Foot corner anchor system makes tent setup faster and easier. The main poles attach to the anchors by ball and socket. With the poles locked in place, setup is easy for a single person. The Jake’s Feet also improve fabric tension by acting as cantilevers to pull the corners of the inner tent closer to the ground. To remove the pole, simply twist the Jake’s Foot.



Locking Pole TipsLocking Pole Tips

Special attachments on the ends of tent poles called Locking Pole Tips help keep poles seated in place when used with grommets. This feature is especially useful when setup of a tent requires multiple grommet anchors.





Multiple Grommet AdjustmentMultiple Grommet Adjustment

Grommets are an easy way to secure pole end tips during tent setup. Since fabric tension can vary with the amount of moisture in the air, multiple grommets are mounted on a single anchor to allow for ease of setup. This ensures that a tent can be optimally tensioned at all humidity levels.




On the Fly SetupOn the Fly Setup

Ditch your inner tent for a lightweight tarp structure created by your fly, poles, and footprint. This is ideal for a sunny day at the beach or on those backpacking trips where every ounce counts. All double wall tents can be set up On the Fly.





Pole Port Pole Port™

This clever design detail found on the floor of the optional Pentalite™ Wedge™ inner tent allows a single support pole to pass through directly to the ground. This helps reduce abrasion at the point of loading. Due to its unique construction, the Pole Port™ is both weatherproof and insect proof.




Pre-Bent PolesPre-Bent Poles

A maximum volume to weight ratio was achieved using strategic controlled bends in the aluminum poles. Utilizing bends in just the right places, this pole set creates about one and a half times the volume of standard unbent pole sets of similar weight. Pre-bends are a very good way to increase your living space without increasing your burden on the trail.




Roll up style stuff sackRoll-up Style Stuff Sack

This Rolls-Royce of stuff sacks makes packing up your tent a breeze. Compartments for the tent, poles, and stakes keep components separated—a handy feature when parts are dirty or wet. The mesh compartment allows fabrics to dry out even when packed. Simply roll up the stuff sack starting from the end, and use the quick release buckles and compression straps to fasten the compact bundle together. Strategic webbing loops allow the sack to be hung from a tree or to be used as a camp organizer.




Swivel HubSwivel & Intersection Hubs

The Swivel Hub locks the poles together at a given intersection, but allows them to swivel freely. The Intersection Hub locks the poles together at a given intersection and directly connects the poles to the tent body. This makes the tent much stronger and resistant to wind forces.





Variable Diameter PolesVariable Diameter Poles

Variable diameter poles have different flexibility along their length. This allows us to steepen the walls of our tents and create more usable space.








Hypalon® is a tough and versatile reinforcement fabric able to withstand high temperatures, oxidizing chemicals, extreme weather, and UV. Its low moisture absorption and excellent abrasion resistance make it a natural choice for use in high-wear areas of the tent.





No-See-Um-MeshNo-See-Um Mesh

NEMO’s no-see-um mesh uses an optimized knit pattern to reduce weight and increase airflow. The result is better breathability, while still keeping the insects out. NEMO’s no-see-um mesh is 30% lighter than other standard no-see-um meshes on the market.





OSMO FabricOSMO™ Waterproof/Breathable

NEMO’s waterproof/breathable fabric, OSMO™, continues to set the standard for breathability in single wall tents. OSMO™ is a high-tenacity polyester ripstop with a hydrophobic microporous PU coating that is extremely breathable across a broad range of humidities. The polyester is naturally UV-resistant and doesn’t sag when wet. OSMO™ is also highly durable, chemical-resistant, lightweight, and abrasion-resistant.

OSMO™ Elite fabrics are featherweight; coated with a proprietary w/b layer that enables water vapor to be transported out at an incredible rate. The w/b layer is constructed from an innovative new type of urethane polymer, minimizing weight and bulk.

OSMO™ EC fabrics are developed for the most extreme conditions on earth – designed to handle heavy doses of sun, snow, wind, and rain without batting an eyelash. OSMO™ EC is especially resistant against continuous UV exposure with its innovative woven construction of high-tenacity polyester threads cross-reinforced with Dyneema. The exterior surface is treated with a UV-inhibiting agent and PU-coated on the interior for complete weatherproofness.



Seam TapeSeam Tape

NEMO tents use genuine Bemis seam tape that is optimized for longevity and compatibility for all NEMO fabrics. The thermoplastic film provides a uniform waterproof barrier when applied over stitching on the inside of the tent.





Waterproof Fabrics

NEMO shelters utilize a variety of waterproof fabrics, each of them engineered to yield the perfect balance of tear strength, waterproofness, abrasion resistance, and weight for their particular use.





X-Ply Airbeam FabricX-Ply® Airbeam Fabric

The outer fabric layer of NEMO’s airbeams provides the shape, strength, and puncture resistance in a lightweight package. Developed with renowned sailcloth manufacturer Dimension-Polyant, NEMO’s Multi-Laminate X-PLY® fabric accomplishes all of this with incredible dimensional stability and excellent seam holding strength. Orientated X-PLY® yarns are inserted into high-tenacity base fabric for even greater strength. The dimensional stability helps maintain the beam shape and strength given the airbeam’s low operating pressure.





Sleeping Bags

sleeping bag features

Blanket Fold               Blanket Fold™

The Blanket Fold™ is a fully insulated flap of fabric that mimics the turned down edge of blankets and comforters in home bedding. It can be used to tuck into the sleeping bag to block out drafts and add another level of comfort.





Center ZipperCenter Zipper

The full length center zip of Canon can be partially opened for access without leaving the warmth of the bag.





Drawstring Hood OpeningDrawstring Hood Opening

Spoon™ Shape bags feature a drawstring hood for optimizing the size and shape of the opening.





Dual Size ZippersDual Size Zippers

The dual side zippers in our rectangular bags, such as Jazz™, let you freely peel back the covers just like home for access and ventilation.





Integrated pad SleeveIntegrated Pad Sleeve

An integrated stretch sleeping pad sleeve on the underside of Strato Loft™ 25 anchors the pad in place. Redundant weight and fill material are minimized with the use of the integrated sleeve, reducing pack size of the sleeping bag.




Pillow Pocket Pillow Pocket

With sleeve opening and contrast edge binding, trap extra clothes inside the integrated Pillow Pocket to create a comfy headrest.





Spoon ShapeSpoon™ Shape

NEMO’s all new sleeping bag profile shape allows for your knees to naturally bend and shift throughout the night. As opposed to a traditional mummy shaped bag, the Spoon™ Shape is wide in the shoulders, tapers down to the hips, and then gently flares back out around the knees.




Stash PocketStash Pockets

Small pockets in the hood allows you to keep your phone, watch or chapstick close at hand.






Stove Pipe Tunnel Hood Stove Pipe™ Tunnel Hood

Insulated with PrimaLoft® Infinity to insulate and retain loft in all conditions, this innovative hood opening keeps a pocket of warm air near your face so breathing is comfortable in the bitter cold.




Thermo Gills™

Adjustable Thermo Gills™ vent body heat at your core without letting cold air rush in. Compared to unzipping the bag, the draftless design allow for a better means of fine tuning comfort on NEMO’s cold weather bags.




Toester BoxToester Box™

Hybrid Synthetic/Down construction reduces cold spots by mapping out areas of high compression and optimizing insulation loft.





Toggle FastenerToggle Fastener

Fastening toggles seamlessly mate the Muse Duvet and Cover to prevent shifting.





Two Way ZippersTwo-Way Zippers

Allows for strategic venting without fully opening the bag.






Backless DesignUnique Backless Design

Tango Duo’s™ backless comforter saves weight while seamlessly anchoring to the sleeping pad to create a backcountry bed for two. The backless design of Siren™ is optimal for speed seekers, while the optional lacing system on the back provides tie-down security.




 Waterproof Breathable FootboxWaterproof/Breathable Footbox

NEMO’s proprietary OSMO™ DT features an ultralight waterproof/breathable coating on the back side of the fabric and DWR on the exterior, which protects against tent wall condensation and allows the footbox to breathe throughout the night.




Zippered Arm OpeningsZippered Arm Openings

Arm Zips on Canon™ -40 let you enjoy the comfort and warmth of NEMO’s premier cold weather bag while eating a meal or prepping gear.





sleeping bag materials

Lining FabricLining Fabric

30 denier nylon taffeta with a tight weave construction and cire finish for a silky smooth next-to-skin feel.






15 denier high tenacity nylon constructed with ultralight Japanese fibers. Double ripstop threads in the warp and weft give the highest level of tear strength and durability. An ultralight waterproof/breathable coating on the back side of the fabric combined with DWR on the face means that the sleeping bag stays breathable and won’t retain moisture throughout your adventures. Used for footboxes on bags.



Shell FabricShell Fabric

40 denier nylon fabric constructed from high tensile yarns on the ripstop. Smooth cire finish on both the face and back of fabric maximizes downproofness and helps shed dirt easily. Finished with a DWR on the face to prevent moisture buildup and absorption.




sleeping pads & pillows


2-Axis Coring2-Axis Coring™

NEMO uses a superlight insulating foam that is both vertically and horizontally cored to eliminate all unnecessary mass while maintaining a cushion and an insulating barrier.





Easy Inflate and Deflate ValvesEasy Inflate/Deflate Valves

Multiple one-way inflation valves ensure a quick and efficient inflation of our sleeping pads. The valves help draw in air that is then transferred by the foot pump to fill the sleeping pad baffles. When packing up your foot pump-powered pads, simply close the inflation valves and open the large dump valve on the underside of the pad to expel all of the air.




Horizontal I-BeamsHorizontal I-Beam Baffles

The horizontal I-beam baffles in Cosmo™ and Astro™ give you maximum comfort. Horizontal baffles tend to support body contours better than vertical baffles since the sleeping pad resists folding around the body’s longitudinal axis. The I-beam baffles ensure a flatter sleeping pad surface and eliminate any bouncy feel when inflated.




Integrated Foot Pump Integrated Foot Pump

Give your lungs a rest with NEMO’s integrated foot pump. Based on the principles of the original Nemoid™ foot pump, the integrated foot pump draws in air using dual 1-way valves and rebounds with each stepping action to ensure efficient setup.





Open Cell FoamOpen Cell Foam

A 1″ layer of quality memory foam in Fillo™ provides the kind of sink-into-the-pillow comfort you can fall asleep with. The mesh covered memory foam stays flexible in a wide range of temperatures and can be removed to save weight.




Pillowtop ModularityPillowtop Modularity

NEMO© sleeping pads are light enough to take backpacking, but when comfort is a priority, add the plush Pillowtop™ to transform your night’s sleep. Pillowtops™ feature a removable layer of comfort foam and a washable cover.




Polyester Laminate FabricPolyester Laminate Fabric

High abrasion-resistant polyester laminate fabric is engineered for excellent weld strength for airtight bonds. This fabric is embossed with a subtle NEMO shield pattern to add strength.






Primaloft InsulationPrimaloft® Insulation

PrimaLoft® Synergy continuous filament insulation for superior softness, loft, and warmth, even when wet. An advanced multi-denier continuous filament insulation engineered for superior warmth, softness, and loft. PrimaLoft® SYNERGY is constructed of both fine and ultra fine denier continuous filament fibers