Seven NEMO Ambassador Gear Picks of 2021

Do you have someone in your life that LOVES gear? We do, too!

Our 2021 NEMO ambassadors know a thing or two about gear. They’ve slept in it, carried it — and it’s well-loved and maybe a bit stinky too, to say the least. Check out their top recommendations for the trail, car camping, and everything in between. This is their tried-and-true gear, take their word for it!

1. CHIPPER™ Reclaimed Closed-Cell Foam Seat

Miles and Loowit on the trail.

Miles, Wonderland Trail (Washington): “The Chipper is my go-to gift for friends and family who spend time hiking, camping, sitting in bleachers, or have any other reason to protect their rump from the dirt, damp, and cold. It’s made of recycled materials and has an amazing price tag. Everyone is always stoked when they see mine, so I know they’ll be more stoked to have one of their own.”

2. Fillo™ Elite Pillow

Ken, Sunshine Coast Trail (British Columbia, Canada): “Some people call it a “luxury item”, but I call it practical! The Fillo Pillow was hands down the best piece of gear that I carried with me on my thru-hike. Sleep is important on a thru-hike, which means prioritizing which pieces of gear are needed to get a well-rested sleep. This pillow is great because it packs into itself super small, inflates with a couple of breaths, and weighs practically nothing.”

3. Hornet™ 2P Ultralight Backpacking Tent

Deceivingly spacious, the ultralight Hornet™ 2P can fit Laura and her pup, Chama, comfortably.

Laura, Superior Hiking Trail (Minnesota): “The Hornet 2P was also ideal for my 110lb polar bear pup and I. It was always an easy setup and teardown (I timed and I believe my longest setup took under 4 minutes). There was plenty of room still to fit us and additional gear. And so light!! I had been tarp camping for the previous few years, but am so grateful for this tent that provides shelter and comfort without weighing anything down.”

4. Dagger™ 2P & 3P Ultralight Backpacking Tent

The Bennett family set up camp on the Continental Divide Trail.

The Bennett Family, Continental Divide Trail (Border of Canada to the Mexican border): “We loved our Dagger tents! Great features like extra vestibule space for gear storage and internal gear pockets really helped spread out our gear. The Divvy stuff sack helped split the load amongst the family. And also super durable tents, I’m so very grateful they held up for the entire CDT!”

5. Kayu Women’s 15° Down Sleeping Bag

Views from Kendra’s Hornet™ were magnificent on the Sunshine Coast Trail.

Kendra, Sunshine Coast Trail (British Columbia, Canada): “As someone who has used countless sleeping bags in the past, I can confidently say the Kayu women’s 15 is my favorite! It has kept me toasty warm during the coldest nights on my thru-hike, and when I find it a little too hot, I’m able to unzip the gills on the front for more airflow. It’s the perfect bag for any thru-hiker, no matter which season you’re hiking in. And if you’re tall like me, make sure to snag yourself the Long version!”

6. Tensor™ Ultralight Sleeping Pad

Francisco, Tahoe Rim Trail (Nevada and California): “After a long day of hiking, getting a good night’s sleep is critical and needed. The sleeping pad was SO comfortable, it felt like I was sleeping on something much thicker or padded! Love the fact that it is ultra-lightweight, inflates and deflates very easily, and packs very small – NOT BAD for a great night of sleep!”

7. Stargaze™ Recliner Luxury

Emily and her partner, Ryan, on the road.

Emily, Traveling by Van (Pacific Northwest/Canada): “I love how compact the Stargaze Luxury packs down to, and it’s by far the most comfortable camping chair ever. It’s basically the van life equivalent of a big comfy living room recliner, and it’s always the first thing I set up when I get to camp!”

As we approach the end of the year, we’re feeling thankful to have had the opportunity to work with our 2021 ambassadors and follow along on their adventures. This year didn’t exactly go as planned but we were inspired to see our ambassadors pivot and make the most of their hikes and travels. From all of us at NEMO, Happy Adventuring in the New Year!