Puffin™ Insulated Field Blanket

From High Tech to Camp Casual

The Details


This super-soft insulated blanket brings NEMO ingenuity to the camp blanket, providing an extra layer to block the wind while you’re glassing ridges or relaxing by the campfire on a cold night. Made with a technical yet soft 40D nylon micro-ripstop, Puffin™ is soft enough for relaxing, yet rugged and quiet enough for the field. High quality Stratofiber™ synthetic insulation significantly traps body heat and keeps cold away.

Puffin’s Foot Nook™ creates a buttoned-up pocket along the bottom of the blanket to keep your feet tucked in where it’s warm. And Puffin’s catenary shape is superior to a plain old rectangle, accounting for your body’s mass and adding outwardly curved sides to keep you wrapped up tight.

Puffin’s ultra-lofty synthetic insulation is custom blended for packability and comfort. Puffin™ is easily washable and its integrated storage case makes a fun pillow when stuffed.

Best Use
  • Premium 40D nylon micro-ripstop is soft enough for relaxing, yet rugged and quiet enough for the field.
  • Stratofiber™ ultra loft synthetic insulation is packable and thermally efficient.
  • Foot Nook™ keeps feet tucked in, and out of the cold.
  • First Lite's Cipher pattern with blaze orange highlights covers one side completely.
  • Catenary outwardly curved edges are shaped to easily wrap around the body.
  • Custom art label for a high-quality, vintage feel.
  • A small zipped pocket keeps your valuable secure.
  • Protected by the NEMO Lifetime Warranty.
What's Included
  • Internal stuff sack

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