Mom’s 10 Best Pieces of Advice To An Adventurer

Moms. The voice of reason, of creativity, of intuition. Warden of good advice and wise judgement. More often than not, it’s mom’s advice that not only keeps us hydrated and safe, but also inspired.

”Experiences are always better than stuff.” “Mom”

Moms encourage us to travel and expose ourselves to new cultures and experiences, to always be learning and discovering is what it means to stay young. They emphasize the importance of a little wanderlust before you settle down, of exploring with more compassion, and to appreciate the beauty around you along the way. They remind us to connect with good people, always have enough food and water, and keep our first layers clean.

In honor of Mother’s Day, we’re celebrating the nuggets of wisdom our Moms have bestowed upon us adventurers over the years, making our experiences all the more amazing.

1. Say Yes to Opportunities. Even When You’re Afraid.

Stay open to all that life offers. When an opportunity puts you out of your comfort zone, embrace it and see what you are made of. You will find yourself in places you never imagined and find an abundance of courage you never knew you had.


2. Enjoy the Moment. Stay in the Moment.

Our moms all told us we grew up too quickly, and they’re the first to remind us again to savor the present. Don’t be in such a rush that you forget to enjoy every part of the experience. Smell the flowers along the way, enjoy the approach, find all of the good in the people around you and the situations life presents.

It’s a struggle to slow down, but with a little practice and patience we can learn to savor things a bit more. The reward is worth it. Drive slowly and take back roads — discover how much more you are able to see and appreciate. Enjoy the process of getting somewhere rather than focusing on the end goal. And don’t be in too much of a hurry to hug your Mom.


3. Find Friends that Share Your Passion. Connect with the Good Ones.

Since kindergarten, Mom was the gatekeeper of our playdates, and taught us an important lesson about the people with whom we surround ourselves. The best way to keep progressing in your chosen adventures is to find a group of friends who love to do it, too. You’ll push each other in a way that build bonds, encourages, and supports. And you’ll develop friendships that will last a lifetime. These are the people you want to connect with, the good ones. You will have them in your life forever and you’ll have a lot more laughs on all of your adventures along the way. Find your peeps, find your tribe and give your heart to that community, and put in more than you take out..


4. Leave it Better Than You Found It.

Whether Moms encourage you to charge hard or stay safe, they will always remind you to pick up after yourself — especially when you are enjoying the pristine lakes and forest of the backcountry. Leave no trace is table stakes, but to leave it better than you found it, maybe pack out some trash or stack some extra dry wood in the lean-to, that’s passing on Mom’s touch.


5. Invest in Maps … And Push Pins.

Mom always had visions for our lives that were bigger than we could even imagine, and her dreams for our potential knew no boundaries. She taught us to collect fold-up maps and old atlases from around the globe — figure out your must-see countries, rivers, and National Forests. Build excitement around the journey ahead or spend rainy days scheming some new plans with friends. Buy a large world map and track your footsteps and mark your locations with pins.



6. Don’t Give up on Projects. And Don’t be Afraid to Retreat and Try Again.

Striking out, failing a test, losing the game. We’ve known disappointment, and it was Mom who told us to get back up and try again. Don’t take no for an answer. If you have a project in mind, dedicate yourself to it with all of your heart and don’t give up. Train for it, study the lines, get healthy and go for it.

But know your limits and know when you’ve reached them. It’s great to figure out when you need to pull back and train harder. Then follow up knowing you are better for it and you’ve earned another shot. There is no shame in living to try again another day.


7. Journal Your Experience. Take Pictures.

Many of us learned this by example, watching our Moms record everything from our childhood milestones to her own goals and adventures. She taught us to fill our lives with experiences and then fill our journals with all of our thoughts and observations.

Write down things you saw, funny things people said, animals you identified and things you learned. Write everything you remember of the day; you will preserve your memories for a long time and learn your voice.


8. Bring Plenty of Good Food and Water.

Mom’s purse was a wonder to behold – a bottomless pit of bandaids and granola bars. She taught us to pack what you think you need, and then bring a little extra, just in case. Always have a first aid kit. Check the maps before … bring a flashlight, bring a knife. Bring extra dehydrated food. Bring baby wipes … And clean undies.


9. Make Time for Rest.

“Lights out!” We can sometimes still hear Mom’s voice chiding us to get to bed. Not sleeping doesn’t make us superheroes; it makes us tired and hinders our performance. We still try to follow Mom’s advice to always make ample time for good restorative sleep.


10. Stay Wild. Stay Free.

In Mom’s eyes, we’re still that 8-year-old running barefoot in the grass with not a care in the world. Her perspective is a gift, and reminds us to maintain your inner wild child. Remain who you are and foster your passion for life. Whether you love backpacking, hiking, camping, climbing — or any other way to get outside and in touch with nature, always keep some of the wild within you. Don’t let them tame your spirit.


With love, we thank all the moms out there who have encouraged us along the way so many times, picked us up, and dusted us off. Happy Mother’s Day from all of us at NEMO.