Dear NEMO family:

Our thoughts are with you and everyone affected by COVID-19 and the severe measures taken to slow its spread. It is hard to come to terms with how quickly our world has changed in these recent weeks. Every day brings new dimensions to the challenge as we all try to manage in the face of uncertainty.

Here at NEMO, we are determined to get our people and our company safely through this crisis. Our team is working remotely and everyone is in good health. It’s a strange new reality compared to life in our office with our prototyping tools, lab, photo studio and the constant buzz of activity. As I write this letter, I’m sitting at a makeshift desk in my bedroom and tag teaming the education and entertainment of two small kids with my wife, who is also working from home. It isn’t easy, but we are very conscious of how lucky we are compared to so many.

Though we deeply love what we do at NEMO, right now we wish we could be of more direct assistance to those who need it. But when we get through this, and we will get through this, we are here for you when the time comes to seek new adventures. We will be doubling down on our commitment to make product that delivers value, longevity and smiles. The outdoors has never had more to offer us all. Moments like this are when even simple pleasures, like a walk outside in the sunshine, seem like small miracles.

If there is anything we can do to help you, reach out to us. Our phones are redirected to our homes. And we have a skeletal crew taking shifts at HQ to keep packages moving and the plants watered. It’s an unsettling time, but even in the middle of it, beautiful moments can be found…examples of resilience, solidarity and compassion. We wish you the best and hope you can find peace in the outdoors when you need it most. We’re all in this together.

All the best,

Cam Brensinger and the NEMO team


COVID-19 Shipping Updates

At this time our online store remains fully operational and we are still accepting warranty claims. We are experiencing delays as we work to keep our warehouse team safe in these extraordinary times. Orders are currently taking up to 10 business days to leave our warehouse from the time of ordering. If you do have a question our customer service team is available to answer via email or phone.

We will continue to monitor the situation and if this changes we will post updates here. Be safe and keep healthy!