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Adventure in Place: Photo Challenge

To our outdoor adventure family — we want you to know we are thinking of you and we are in this together with you. We want to see into your world and foster greatly needed human and nature connections! Over the next month, share your Adventure in Place photos for a chance to win an awesome kit of NEMO Gear perfect for your next microadventure.  


A Small Adventure is Better Than None

We discovered a zone — a special place right in our backyard — where we could clear our minds and enjoy each other’s company, and there is nothing better than to relive those precious moments while we wait on our couches inside. 


Get Out of Hibernation: Fitness Training for Backpacking

For many of us, carrying heavy loads while hauling ourselves and our packs up a mountain — often over varied terrain — isn’t our normal, everyday thing. So, there’s plenty of other ways to whip that winter bod back into shape at home. From strength training to stretching and the (dreaded) cardio workout, there’s a lot of ways to get fit for the backpacking season. We talked to a couple of experts to find out how.