10 Gifts for the Long-Weekend Warrior

Few things excite the devoted car camper more than a trunk full of gear for a long weekend of free-wheeling and fresh air. When you’re strapped for time and only have 48 hours to get away from it all, the car-camping adventure delivers — especially when you’re soaking up the views while surrounded by good company.

When it comes to buying the perfect gift for this weekend warrior, it’s all about savoring the small and simple pleasures in life. They’re adventure seekers through and through who also don’t mind a little extra luxe every now and again. Whether they’re scoring the most scenic campsite or firing up the camp stove for a makeshift gourmet meal, it all comes down to making the most of what you’ve got and enjoying every second.

This holiday season, we handpicked ten gifts from NEMO and a few of our favorite brands, so you can help them build the ultimate car camping kit…and maybe even get an invite to their next getaway.

Jazz™ Synthetic Sleeping Bag

Capable of rivaling your own bed, Jazz™ is designed to be so comfy it feels like a home away from home. Its grab-and-go style is a streamlined way to make your bag and sleeping pad one unit, while an integrated removable sheet and Blanket Fold™ draft collar regulate your body temperature. A built-in quilted pillow-top gives you next-level comfort.

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MPowerd Luci Original Lantern

The warm glow from this inflatable lantern can easily fend off a case of the sundowners. Hang it up with the adjustable strap to create instant overhead lighting wherever you need. The solar light will last for 24 hours on a single charge, not to mention it decreases your carbon footprint and battery usage.

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Stargaze™ Recliner Luxury Chair

Get your car camper a chair that swings, reclines, and adjusts to their lounge-style for the holidays. Stargaze™ is designed to dynamically suspend you in midair complete with small comforts like a padded headrest and cup holder. Plus, it’s made to stay put on rocky or uneven surfaces so you can go snag a front-row seat to the sunset.

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Hydroflask 10 oz Wine Tumbler

Plan to bring along the bevies (hot and cold) and just one cup for both of them. This tumbler is versatile enough to keep wine chilled at night and coffee nice and steamy in the morning. Made from durable stainless steel, it fits perfectly within the contours of your hand or the cupholder of the Stargazer Camp Chair, of course.

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Cosmo™ 3D Sleeping Pad and Foot Pump

The weekend warrior plays hard, but when it’s time to hit the hay some good R+R is essential. Cosmo™ 3D elevates their downtime with 3D body-mapped baffles to evenly distribute weight. A slight rise to the head supports sound sleep even on bumpy surfaces, and an integrated foot pump makes inflation a breeze.

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Wagontop™ Camping Tent

Offering superior protection from the elements and a single-wall design for easy set-up, Wagontop™ is the key to a quick mountain exit. Available in 4P and 6P as well as 8P sizes with an interior divider for some privacy from the kids or gear that’s been strewn helter-skelter across the tent floor. A ventilated screened-in porch is perfect for lounging, even when the weather turns.

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Lodge Cast Iron 15” Skillet

Whether they’re whipping up an elaborate breakfast or making something of the quick-n’-easy sort, this cast iron skillet is a must-have for any camp chef. Made to cook almost anything, this timeless piece will help them feed a crowd.

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New Belgium Brewing Fat Tire Amber Ale

An easy-drinking beer pairs perfectly with an easy-does-it weekend of sleeping under the stars. A favorite of ours, the Fat Tire Amber Ale brings to mind memories of lively fireside chats, the triumphant sound of a can being cracked open, and the crisp air blowing through a crystal clear night.

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Ruffwear Mt. Bachelor Pad

A portable dog bed is just the thing you need to keep fido from hogging the bed and the sleeping bag. Crafted from a durable and soft micro-suede material that’s also easy to clean, the pad has a waterproof bottom and conveniently rolls up for a quick breakdown.

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Fillo™ Luxury Camping Pillow

Our award-winning Fillo™ pillow has a clever design that redefines the humble camp pillow. A dreamy combo of baffled air cell, luxury foam, and a buttery-soft microsuede cover (it’s washable, too!), is even better than sipping something strong for a nightcap.

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