The NEMO Story

Ideas for new products begin with having real experiences in adventure. A passion for adventure is an absolute prerequisite for being part of the team. Welcome to the story of NEMO.

14 thoughts on “The NEMO Story

  1. Calvin Ellis

    I love your company! Totally awesome products. I started with the Losi 2P, and then got the Cosmo Air Pad. My two sons recently decided to travel from southern California so that we could all go camping in the Keys before it gets too hot and too wet. With the four of us, I decided to buy another tent and decided on the Asashi 4P. The only thing that comes close to your product design excellence is the service excellence. Ollie was great every step of the way, including the final follow up, when I had to have my rain fly replaced.

    Bravo, Bravo, Bravo.

    Calvin Ellis
    Boca Raton, Florida

  2. Dirk Keeler

    The only Nemo tent I own sits atop my Jeep Wrangle thanks to the JK Habitat made by Adventure Trailer. Cam and crew designed and built the tent used by AT. Very nice product; very nice build. Thanks Cam.

  3. Jason Ramsey

    Having used Nemo products the past few years I finally came to the realization that your products not only are well made, but stand up to the promise of always doing its job as the adventure continues. The most amazing thing to me is that the products have continually pushed the limits in function, weight, and ease of use year after year. That’s truly fascinating to do in this industry. The innovative design process that you must go through to bring each brilliant product to market is something that few companies maintain over time. I must say, that you have exceeded all of my expectations and I look forward to new products that are coming soon. Thank you.

  4. Angel Garbarino

    Keep the creativity going… it’s refreshing. I visited NEMO a couple years ago with my adventure racing team, the Dirty Avocados. You guys helped us with a racing tent. It worked wonders, and to date, is my favorite tent I’ve used.

    ~Angel Garbarino

  5. Ryan Leitner

    You have made a NEMO fan for life. At 30 years old, I have spent over 5 full years of my life in the outdoors, between Mt. Rainier summit trips to 21 day trips in the Boundary Waters & Rivers across our great country. My first purchase from you was a Losi 3P w/ the Pawprint for my Blue Tick Coonhound, Roscoe. This is easily the most impressive tent I have ever owned. It breathes so well and leaves no condensate during any weather, while remaining lightweight and easy to set up and disassemble. After being so impressed with this piece of NEMO gear I decided to try out your sleep systems. This changed everything! Cosmo Air sleeping pads and spoon shaped limited edition sleeping bags make for perfect comfort in the great of outdoors. I continue to be blown away by your insight into design and function.

    Keep on designing and innovating. You are life changers!

    Ryan Leitner

  6. Arlo Green

    Love the video about the company and all the wonderful real people in it . Take care of them they are your future !
    You have sold me, I will be purchasing Nemo products this week for my Family. More feedback later this year.
    Stay real and love life..!


  7. James

    Hey Nemo,
    Congrats on the updated website, I looks great and the topo idea is a great help. I purchased the Meta2 and the cosmo air back in 2011 to hike the AT with and I must say I am impressed by your products! The Meta held up during a significant storm that just a few valleys over micro busts were breaking trees in half. While I was very concerned that night I awoke to having it in perfect working order and all my gear was dry. Over all the tent did it’s job well and continues to do so for other shorter adventures. As for the Cosmo Air, well lets start with the fact that, I slept great! when I woke up I was ready to go. I’m six foot and the pad allowed me to sleep on my side, back and stomach without uncomfortable pressure to any point of the body. The length kept me from hanging off the ends, which tends to create pressure on the heels and or toes causing one to wake and turn. Over all very impressed with your innovation and designs. Please continue the thoughtful and passionate creativity.

  8. Ross

    Awesome video guys – love the behind the scenes on a team of craftsmen/women making great products… you can see the passion being sewn in before your eyes. Nice work!!

  9. Dave Cronin


    For years, I swore by Black Diamond/Bibler tents. That is, right up until the day I received a beautiful new NEMO Moki! My wife made a deal with me, If I packed up the Moki from the living room floor, she would help me evaluate the new luxury accommodations at Long Key Sate Park the following Saturday. We will always remember watching the Quandrantid meteor shower as we lay peering out of the Moki panorama of windows. To this day, I still believe the Moki is by far, the finest constructed tent on the market! The wife loves the Helio shower and we just picked up a Bugout shelter for a true four season base camp now. Much love to Nicole Chretien.

    You guys rock!
    Dave Cronin (Life long customer)
    Miami Beach, FL

  10. Chris Seguin

    I just wanted to take a moment to thank-you for making great products. I purchased the Morpho 2-person tent 3 years ago for my motorcycle camping trips and it is by far the best tent I have ever had the pleasure of owning. I love the whole air-beam setup- quick, easy and incredibly sturdy. I only wish you made a 3-person version so I had a bit more room for gear storage. I will be purchasing your 3-person Losi soon to gain that extra room that I am looking for. Now that you have expanded your line to include sleeping bags that will also be going into the shopping cart. Thanks again and keep up the fantastic work!

  11. Darrell kaczynski

    Nemo have great ideas for example the Moki tent. I have 3 main mountaineering. TNF mountain 24, Black diamond single wall. Now the Moki. Moki and Blackdiamond are my fave single wall tents. They come with me on long 3-4 week outings. Thank you Moki making -35 be like -2


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