NEMO Office Dog Profile Part 8: Rosie

Breed:  Boxer/Lab
Favorite Snack: Marrow Bones
Pet Peeves:  Don’t you dare blow in her face / Nerf Gun fights—she is a lover not a fighter
Favorite part of being at NEMO:  Barking at everyone who enters, protecting the team
First thing people notice:  Her wagging tail and her bark
Best known for:  always wanting to play with every passerby
Greatest Fears:  Horseshoe Crabs
Favorite command to disobey:  Come means stop / STOP BARKING
Best day scenario:  A day of long walks at the ocean with swimming and lots of ball throwing! 
Aspirations:  She has already reached Nirvana for a dog…
Naughtiest Moment:  Rolling in that awful dead thing at the beach and then eating it…. GROSS. [Editor's Note: A close second might be eating dirty tissues out of NEMO trash during flu season]


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