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Espri™ LE 2P Tent


Built for versatility, the Espri™ tent models offer great ventilation and headroom in an efficient design that sets up easily. Check out the unique vestibule options for tailoring to your overnight style. Pawprint and Gear Loft are no longer available.

Was: $289.95

Sale: $199.95
Out of Stock
Espri™ LE 2P with Standard Vestibule (included) gives extra storage space and includes a weather-checking UVX window.
Espri™  LE 2P with Ultralight Fly Door (included) saves weight if you don’t need a vestibule.
A rear scoop vent is deployed at all times, allowing low-to-high ventilation.
The ridge pole increases the usable space inside the tent.
Strategic controlled bends in the poles achieve a maximum volume to weight ratio. This pole set creates about 1.5x the volume of standard unbent poles of similar weight.
Max Patch, NC, Appalachian Trail