Men’s Journal Gear Lab Dubs NEMO Rhythm™ Sleeping Bag a Breakthrough

Men’s Journal – Dogs and Humans Sleep More Comfortably in the Backcountry With NEMO


Men’s Journal recently launched its Gear Lab issue to feature their ‘short list’ of essential gear for 2013. From solar powered water purification to a $30,000 motorcycle with titanium piston rods and carbon fiber bodywork, MJ tapped the best gear reviewers from various industries to chime in on their favorite gear of the year. 

Lucky for NEMO, our Pawprint™ floor liner and Rhythm™ 40 PrimaLoft® Spoon™ Shape sleeping bag were both called out in their respective categories. Here’s a snippet from each:

Rhythm™ 40 Named a ‘Breakthrough’ in sleeping bags, the Rhythm™ “…maintained warmth despite its design change (from the industry standard mummy). Nice touch: a ‘blanket’ attachment in the hood that can be positioned around your face.”

Pawprint™ Floor Liner “Claws and camping gear don’t mix. That’s why tentmaker NEMO invented Pawprints – polyester tent floor liners that can withstand nail abrasion. Snap one in to protect your tent and – bonus – gain extra insulation. Just shake it out in the morning to maintain a clean shelter.”

To read the full reviews and find the best products for outdoor, home, tech and beyond, check out Men’s Journal’s Gear Lab on newsstands now.

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