Espri LE 3P and Helio Pressure Shower Featured in Outside’s Buyer’s Guide

BG_web_cover“Who says you can’t eat, drink, (bathe) and sleep as well as you do at home?” That’s the question Outside editors asked and aptly answered in their Car Camping section: “Fill it with three gallons of water, lay it in the sun, and at the end of the day, you’ve got a seven-minute warm shower. Because the chamber can be pressurized with the included pump and not just gravity, you can also use it to rinse dishes or hose off the dog. And at 1.5 lbs., it’s compact enough to accompany you backpacking.” In the Tent section, Espri LE 3P was praised for offering backpackers options with its multiple vestibules and sturdy design. See the full articles in Outside’s Summer 2012 Buyer’s Guide. Helio Pressure Shower and Espri LE 3P will be available in June.

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