Backpacking Light Reviews Pentalite for Family Backpacking

PENTALITE_open150Backpacking Light, a web community based solely on ultralight backpacking gear and techniques, put NEMO’s Pentalite through some rigorous family backpacking trips throughout the course of this past year. Here are some snippets from their report, which can be found in its entirety, through membership on their website. “A versatile shelter with a unique design, the Pentalite manages to bring something new to the realm of pyramid tent design: a large floorspace and optional full bug protection without a full-height inner bug net. The size, weight savings, and flexibility of this design make it a good candidate for a group backpacking, car camping, or base camp use.” “The Wedge, an optional accessory, is another unique design element to this shelter…What makes the Wedge unique is that it provides all of these features with minimum additional fabric. Other manufacturers typically design these inserts as a mesh pyramid with slightly smaller dimensions so that they fit neatly under the waterproof shelter. The Wedge fastens in by attaching to the interior of the shelter around the perimeter so that the mesh fabric is not required to go directly to the peak of the shelter all the way around. Another unique design element of the Wedge is that the center pole passes directly through the floor to prevent abrasion.” “NEMO has taken the time-tested pyramid design and added a few improvements that actually work: the five-sided shape, the unique side venting, and the optional Wedge are the features that set it apart in an increasingly crowded pyramid market. As a floorless shelter, it is comparable in weight to most other silnylon pyramid tents on the market. As a fully enclosed bug-proof shelter (with the optional Wedge), it is on the lighter end when compared to tents of similar size. The versatility achieved by this combination make it a compelling option for people who are looking for one tent to work in a wide variety of scenarios.” Overall Rating: RECOMMENDED

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