Rock & Ice Reviews Cosmo™ Air with Pillowtop™

Sept_cover_webOne of the editors at Rock & Ice recently took NEMO’s Cosmo™ Air with Pillowtop™ on a climbing trip to Spain. The trip and his review of the modular sleep system can be found in the September issue. “If I had my way, I’d live in the lap of luxury. Unfortunately, I’m a climber, which means I’m doomed to spend a lot of time sleeping in the dirt. Of course, that’s a small price to pay for being able to climb, and now there’s one great way to make this bleak inevitability into a warm extravagance. The NEMO Cosmo™ Air is the lightest, largest, most comfortable inflatable bed I’ve slept on. By itself, the Cosmo™ Air is a great product, but when paired with its accessory Pillowtop™, it’s one of the most comfortable portable mats available.”

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