Isopod™ 100 Making Headlines

ISOPOD_web[2]NEMO’s latest Extreme Conditions Tent series, Isopod, has been making waves within and outside of the outdoor industry. POPULAR SCIENCE The June issue of Popular Science is its 5th annual Inventions of the Year. From an airbag landing pad for snowboarders and skiers to an engine propelled boogie board, there are plenty of great innovations coming from the outdoor industry. As part of this issue, the editors highlighted 5 camping related products that are pushing the limits, making camping more enjoyable, and in some instances, safer. NEMO’s Isopod 100 was featured. Here’s what they had to say: “The Isopod 4-person tent handles any weather. Its polyurethane-coated polyester walls vent air while keeping rain out, withstand powerful wind gusts and block ultraviolet rays. Its metallic lining reflects body heat for warmth.” OUTSIDE Outside’s July issue is packed with great interviews, motivating commentary and revolutionary new tools and gear for the outdoors. Here’s a quote from Cam and some background on how we developed the Isopod series: “The more outlandish an avant-garde building or haute couture dress looks, the bigger the buzz it creates. But the designers of outdoor gear generally follow a different set of rules: if they create something that looks truly radical, it’s usually because it’s intended to be used in a truly radical context. ‘Every swatch of fabric, pole placement, fold and seam on our tents is there for a reason,’ says Cam Brensinger, the industrial designer who founded sleeping-pad and tent manufacturer NEMO Equipment. ‘That people like the way these forms look is just a bonus.’” “Designed at the behest of Antarctic Logistics and Expeditions, a company that offers support and tours on that continent, the four-person NEMO Isopod 100 was purpose-built to withstand the harsh UV rays and high winds that stafe the polar regions. When pitched properly, (there are 66 guyout points), the Isopod’s eight-pole accordion design is sturdy enough to withstand 100-mph gusts.” To learn more about NEMO’s forthcoming Isopod series, click here.

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