Woodall’s Camping Life Reviews Asashi™

CL_web_coverThe June issue of Woodall’s Camping Life features a review of NEMO’s 4-person Asashi™. Here’s a little taste of what they had to say after a trip to the Adirondack’s. “…I wondered how NEMO could compete with the old guard tent manufacturers. The answer became clear the first time I used the 10.5 pound, 63-sq.ft. Asashi™ tent – it offered an intuitive setup and lots of space. With its symmetrical shaped and two same-length tent poles, it went up without a glance at the directions. The Asashi’s™ aluminum tent poles are also eco-friendly, free of heavy metals commonly used in the anodizing process, and recyclable.” To hear all they had to say about Asashi™, pick up the June issue at your local book or outdoor store.

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