Our Friends in Japan

japanflagRecroppedThe Japanese market has been a strong one for NEMO. Their support and embracement of our young brand has surprised and honored us. So when news reached us that a terrible natural disaster had hit, we wanted to return the support. The scale of what happened in Japan is hard to imagine and sending some sleeping pads and pillows doesn’t even begin to make a dent in the restoration. But, NEMO did what we could with the inventory we had available and sent Fillo’s, Astro Air’s and Astro Air Short’s to our Japanese distributor, Iwatani-Primus,to disperse. April 29 – May 5th is Golden Week in Japan, a series of holidays that fall within one week. Many plan to spend the holiday volunteering to help re-build the affected areas. We are thinking of our friends in Japan and pray for a successful clean-up and reconstruction.

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