Alti Storm™ 2P Scores a 9.5 out of 10 in Outside’s Buyer’s Guide

BG_Cover_WebOver 325 products were ‘tortured’ in preparation for Outside’s Summer 2011 Buyer’s Guide. One of those products was the new Alti Storm™ 2P. The Alti Storm™ series takes the award-winning Losi™ footprint and beefs it up with a pole structure meant to shoulder heavy snow loads and a more enclosed canopy. Hear what the gear testers had to say after putting it through the ringer: “Big-time four-season protection at a reasonable weight. THE TEST: The two-person Alti Storm didn’t flinch in the Grand Canyon; its four crossing ridgepoles weathered 50-mph downcanyon gusts, and the full-length fly and nylon (inner) canopy created a sandstorm-proof bunker. The pole sleeves add a bit of weight and hassle, but they also significantly beef up the Alti’s structural integrity. Two good-size vestibules swallow bulky winter gear, while the near-vertical sidewalls make it feel bigger than it is. Large vents help keep condensation to a minimum, and when staked out taut, the Alti sheds snow like an angry yeti….Bring on the blizzard!”

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