Astro™ Insulated with Pillowtop™ Named Gear of the Year

PrintThe magazine may be out of print, but the website is going strong. National Geographic Adventure, led by industry veteran Steve Casmiro, has named their Gear of the Year list for 2011and wouldn’t you know it, Astro™ Insulated with Pillowtop™ is on it. “The season’s best new equipment and travel tech enhance without distracting??”a refreshing return to well-considered simplicity.” NEMO Astro Insulated, With Pillowtop “Whoever said camping means forgoing the comforts of home never slept on NEMO?? s Astro Insulated pad paired with the NEMO Pillowtop. This sleeping system sports more than three inches of soft foam and air cushioning for an awesome night?? s sleep. Use them together for trailhead car camping, then leave the Pillowtop behind when you head into the backcountry. Without the Pillowtop, the Astro weighs a pound and a half and still provides 2.5 inches of dreamy bliss.”

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