Moto™ 1P Featured on Outdoor Life

cover_web[4]Outdoor Life’s Live Hunt host Aron Snyder recently reviewed one of our 2011 AST® tents, Moto™ 1P. A cross between our Gogo™ bivys and Morpho™ series, Moto™ 1P offers a sit-height entrance with NEMO’s ExoFly retractable vestibule and a long, narrow body that incorporates a vented Swallowtail. Moto™ 1P packs down small, making it the perfect companion for backcountry hunting trips or long motorcycle or bike trips. “The Moto exceeded my expectations for winter use (although it is more of a three-season tent) and is something any serious backcountry hunter could use in their arsenal. It’s very quick and easy get set up and comes back down even quicker. The Moto also has a very unique air chamber tube in place of the traditional aluminum tent pole. This type of option is an asset for wilderness hunters who need to get camp taken down quickly and move before the sun comes up. It also makes broken tent poles a thing of the past.” To read the rest of the article, click here. A timelapsed video shows Aron throughout the evening in his Moto™ 1P. Moto™ 1P is part of NEMO’s 2011 product line. It will be available here and through retailers starting in late March.

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