Astro™ Insulated with Pillowtop™ Wins Editors’ Choice Award

ED_CHOICE_2011_blacklogoNEMO’s newest modular sleep system, Astro™ Insulated with Pillowtop™, has won Backpacker’s Editors’ Choice award – arguably one of the most prestigious awards in the outdoor industry. Astro™ Insulated with Pillowtop™ is a package product that includes NEMO’s latest air pad, Astro™ Insulated, with a cozy Pillowtop™ slipcover. Astro™ Insulated’s design incorporates engineered I-beam baffles to create a flat sleeping surface that prevents the pad from cupping around your body. Two and one half inches thick, Astro™ Insulated includes a laminated foam insulation to add warmth during the colder months. NEMO’s Pillowtop™, made popular last year with the Cosmo™ Air sleeping pad, is a soft microsuede slipcover with one inch of foam.

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