Isopod™ Grabs Attention of Watch Journal

cover_web[3]The January issue of Watch Journal featured a full-page spread on NEMO’s 2011 Isopod™ 100. The Isopod™ series is the culmination of NEMO’s experience in designing for extreme conditions, beginning in 2002 with work for NASA on inflatable architecture for lunar exploration and most recently on shelters for the military. Our goal was to design the most hardcore lightweight shelter to withstand extreme cold temperatures and weather that the Polar Regions experience. Weight was also a consideration while designing Isopod because it is meant to be for those exploring and researching remote areas via backpacking, skiing, dog sledding, snowmobiling, etc. Isopod™ is expected to be available in late 2011. For a sneak peak at the Isopod™ 300, which is 300 sq.ft. and sleeps 10-15,click here.

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