Zor™ Wins Best In Show at Outdoor Retailer

Best in Show logo (2011)_smThis past January at the Outdoor Retailer show in Salt Lake City, one of NEMO’s 2011 sleeping pads, Zor™, won Best in Show from the industry-respected Gear Junkie. In 2009, NEMO debuted its first line of pads, the Tuo™ series. Building on its reputation of innovation in tents, Tuo™ utilizes two layers of air and foam separated by an airtight layer. The premise of the system is redundancy – if one side of your pad has a failure, you have a backup. In 2011, the Zor™ series continues with innovation. Lightweight foam cored vertically and horizontally reduces mass but maintains a layer of insulation throughout the entire area of the pad, keeping you comfortable without wasting an ounce. NEMO’s 20D polyester fabric also helps to keep weight down. Zor™ Short weighs in at 10 oz. and Zor™ Standard at an unbelievable 14 oz. The Zor™ series and other new modular sleep systems will be available through NEMO and retailers Spring 2011. To read the Gear Junkie’s Best in Show report, including Zor™, click here.

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