Kate Ketschek Elected to Conservation Alliance Board

Petite Mt St Anne_web1The Conservation Alliance membership elected Gareth Martins, Director of Marketing at Osprey Packs, and Kate Ketschek, Director of Marketing and Public Relations for NEMO Equipment, to new three-year terms on the Alliance board of directors. Martins was re-elected after serving a full term during which he has chaired the Alliance’s Outreach Committee, and been active in advocacy efforts. Ketschek is new to the board, and fills the seat vacated when Black Diamond’s Adam Chamberlain completed his board term. “This election brings us both continuity and fresh blood,” said John Sterling, Conservation Alliance Executive Director. “Gareth has made huge contributions over the past three years, and we’re excited to have his passion and expertise for another three years. Kate brings us new energy and marketing depth, and adds to the board’s East Coast contingent.” “I am thrilled and honored to be a part of the Conservation Alliance’s board. Protecting our open lands for recreational use is important for our future generations and honestly, for the future of the outdoor industry. If we don’t have places to play, we won’t need the gear to play. I can’t wait to learn more and have an active role in helping the many non-profits out there fighting the good fight,” said Ketschek. Five nominees ran for the two board seats in what was another tight election. “We are fortunate to have such strong interest in board service,” said Sterling. “We only wish we had seats for everyone interested in serving.” The new three-year board terms begin immediately after the August 3rd board meeting.

Obi™ 2P Wins Editor’s Choice

ED_Obi2Elevation Outdoors, a great magazine based in Colorado that covers the outdoors and issues surrounding, recently awarded Obi™ 2P their Editor’s Choice award. “We were happily surprised to find out how spacious this tent feels for a light (about 3 pounds), two-person backpacking shelter – there’s 27 square feet of room inside. Its ingenious pole-and-foot-corner system make it a snap to set up, even when we were rushed by a full-force summer thunderstorm in Rocky Mountain National Park. We also appreciated how breezy it can be sans rain fly during a hot jaunt through Canyonlands. Best For: hardcore three-season backpacking.”

The Gear Junkie Puts Pentalite Through the Rigors of Patagonia

pentalite_web[1]T.C. Worley from The Gear Junkie puts Pentalite through the rigors of the Wenger Patagonian Expedition Race. Here are a couple of paragraphs from his review: “One piece of gear I had not even used until the trip, the NEMO Pentalite Tent, proved to be a worthy choice. The tarp-style ?backcountry pyramid” is marketed as an ultralight backpacking tent. Without a doubt, the weight, or lack thereof, was a major reason for choosing this tent. At 3 lbs., 5 oz., the Pentalite would be light in the pack, though large enough, with 77 sq. feet of floor space, to house two adventure filmmakers, myself and our collective gear.” “…But as with other NEMO tents we have tested, the Pentalite is well made and slick for its intended job. Overall, I am impressed by the design and build quality from NEMO. For those seeking a light, roomy tent for serious minimal and fast-and-light adventures, the Pentalite should be on your short list.” To read the full story, click here.

NEMO Senior Designer, Brandon Davey, Talks to the Associated Press About Ultralight Backpacking Gear

brandon_ditto1Ultra-lightweight camping: Carry less, do more. “In the past 20-30 years, everything has gotten lighter through material choices, especially, but also design decisions,” [Davey] said. Tent frame designs have evolved from A-frames, to dome tents, to bivy sacks and hammock tents, and new fabrics are always being developed to be more durable, breathable and lightweight, he added. NEMO uses computer-aided design software to find the minimum amount of poles and material they can use to still have a comfortable tent.” To read the entire article, click here.

Our Friends in Japan

japanflagRecroppedThe Japanese market has been a strong one for NEMO. Their support and embracement of our young brand has surprised and honored us. So when news reached us that a terrible natural disaster had hit, we wanted to return the support. The scale of what happened in Japan is hard to imagine and sending some sleeping pads and pillows doesn’t even begin to make a dent in the restoration. But, NEMO did what we could with the inventory we had available and sent Fillo’s, Astro Air’s and Astro Air Short’s to our Japanese distributor, Iwatani-Primus,to disperse. April 29 – May 5th is Golden Week in Japan, a series of holidays that fall within one week. Many plan to spend the holiday volunteering to help re-build the affected areas. We are thinking of our friends in Japan and pray for a successful clean-up and reconstruction.

Alti Storm™ 2P Scores a 9.5 out of 10 in Outside’s Buyer’s Guide

BG_Cover_WebOver 325 products were ‘tortured’ in preparation for Outside’s Summer 2011 Buyer’s Guide. One of those products was the new Alti Storm™ 2P. The Alti Storm™ series takes the award-winning Losi™ footprint and beefs it up with a pole structure meant to shoulder heavy snow loads and a more enclosed canopy. Hear what the gear testers had to say after putting it through the ringer: “Big-time four-season protection at a reasonable weight. THE TEST: The two-person Alti Storm didn’t flinch in the Grand Canyon; its four crossing ridgepoles weathered 50-mph downcanyon gusts, and the full-length fly and nylon (inner) canopy created a sandstorm-proof bunker. The pole sleeves add a bit of weight and hassle, but they also significantly beef up the Alti’s structural integrity. Two good-size vestibules swallow bulky winter gear, while the near-vertical sidewalls make it feel bigger than it is. Large vents help keep condensation to a minimum, and when staked out taut, the Alti sheds snow like an angry yeti….Bring on the blizzard!”

Astro™ Insulated with Pillowtop™ Named Gear of the Year

PrintThe magazine may be out of print, but the website is going strong. National Geographic Adventure, led by industry veteran Steve Casmiro, has named their Gear of the Year list for 2011and wouldn’t you know it, Astro™ Insulated with Pillowtop™ is on it. “The season’s best new equipment and travel tech enhance without distracting??”a refreshing return to well-considered simplicity.” NEMO Astro Insulated, With Pillowtop “Whoever said camping means forgoing the comforts of home never slept on NEMO?? s Astro Insulated pad paired with the NEMO Pillowtop. This sleeping system sports more than three inches of soft foam and air cushioning for an awesome night?? s sleep. Use them together for trailhead car camping, then leave the Pillowtop behind when you head into the backcountry. Without the Pillowtop, the Astro weighs a pound and a half and still provides 2.5 inches of dreamy bliss.”

Cam Spotlighted in Mountain Sports & Living

web_shotA favorite magazine around the NEMO office has been the re-launch of Mountain Sports & Living. It’s packed with a variety of outdoor adventure, honest writing and even gives the East Coast its due coverage (sometimes hard to find in outdoor editorial). The Spring issue doesn’t disappoint with stories of home-brewed pigs, ode to the chainsaw and Boy Scout Knife, and mountain biking galore, among many others. But, our favorite is Berne Broudy’s interview with Cam. We’ve actually all been laughing around here as most of us had never heard about him narrowly escaping a plane crash. Pick up a copy at the newsstand, or better yet, get a subscription – you won’t be disappointed.

Astro™ Insulated with Pillowtop™ Wins Editors’ Choice Award

ED_CHOICE_2011_blacklogoNEMO’s newest modular sleep system, Astro™ Insulated with Pillowtop™, has won Backpacker’s Editors’ Choice award – arguably one of the most prestigious awards in the outdoor industry. Astro™ Insulated with Pillowtop™ is a package product that includes NEMO’s latest air pad, Astro™ Insulated, with a cozy Pillowtop™ slipcover. Astro™ Insulated’s design incorporates engineered I-beam baffles to create a flat sleeping surface that prevents the pad from cupping around your body. Two and one half inches thick, Astro™ Insulated includes a laminated foam insulation to add warmth during the colder months. NEMO’s Pillowtop™, made popular last year with the Cosmo™ Air sleeping pad, is a soft microsuede slipcover with one inch of foam.