Tenshi Goes to the Yukon

tenshi_open150“Just thought you might be interested in seeing and sharing this video, which I put together to accompany a feature on the Yukon expedition I led last spring. We used the Tenshi tent, and it makes a few appearances in the film. It was a great tent, even in the BRUTAL conditions we encountered up there during our two-week, unsupported exploration (two feet of snow, wind, and -40 degree temperatures). Thanks for making a great product!” Drew Pogge, Editor, Backcountry Tombstone Mountains Expedition from Backcountry Magazineon Vimeo.

After 14 Months of Testing, Espri 2P Shines

espri-larryLast summer, we sent Alpinist gear reviewer and guide for North Cascades Mountain Guides, Larry Goldie, an Espri 2P to test. After 14 months of putting it through the rigors, here’s a snapshot of what he had to say. The rest can be found here. “In all, I am impressed with the NEMO Espri. It covers the middle ground between comfort in camp and lightweight on my back. It’s a recommendable option for a light, two-person tent with the ability to add covered space. And the solid design details make the put-up and take-down straightforward when the weather’s going to the dogs, and I need that protective bubble fast.”

Backpacking Light Reviews Pentalite for Family Backpacking

PENTALITE_open150Backpacking Light, a web community based solely on ultralight backpacking gear and techniques, put NEMO’s Pentalite through some rigorous family backpacking trips throughout the course of this past year. Here are some snippets from their report, which can be found in its entirety, through membership on their website. “A versatile shelter with a unique design, the Pentalite manages to bring something new to the realm of pyramid tent design: a large floorspace and optional full bug protection without a full-height inner bug net. The size, weight savings, and flexibility of this design make it a good candidate for a group backpacking, car camping, or base camp use.” “The Wedge, an optional accessory, is another unique design element to this shelter…What makes the Wedge unique is that it provides all of these features with minimum additional fabric. Other manufacturers typically design these inserts as a mesh pyramid with slightly smaller dimensions so that they fit neatly under the waterproof shelter. The Wedge fastens in by attaching to the interior of the shelter around the perimeter so that the mesh fabric is not required to go directly to the peak of the shelter all the way around. Another unique design element of the Wedge is that the center pole passes directly through the floor to prevent abrasion.” “NEMO has taken the time-tested pyramid design and added a few improvements that actually work: the five-sided shape, the unique side venting, and the optional Wedge are the features that set it apart in an increasingly crowded pyramid market. As a floorless shelter, it is comparable in weight to most other silnylon pyramid tents on the market. As a fully enclosed bug-proof shelter (with the optional Wedge), it is on the lighter end when compared to tents of similar size. The versatility achieved by this combination make it a compelling option for people who are looking for one tent to work in a wide variety of scenarios.” Overall Rating: RECOMMENDED

Alti Storm™ 2P and Obi™ Elite 1P Highlighted in Backpacker’s Fall/Winter Gear Guide

cover_Fall_11_webFresh out on newsstands, Backpacker’s Fall/Winter 2011 Gear Guide highlights the best gear for traveling in the cooler months. From packs and tents to ski touring set ups, there’s a great mix of gear and tips to get you started. Two of the eight tents highlighted in the Guide were NEMO. Here’s what they had to say: Alti Storm™ 3P “Unplanned but effective test: When one of our crew was camped beneath a tree in Yosemite last winter, a howling storm caused it to drop a heavy load of snow and even branches onto this three-person tent. The damage: nada. Credit the 75-denier polyester fly, which is just one ingredient in the tent’s all-around tough-on-the-elements performance. ‘Even in whipping 40 mph winds – and with no guy outs – the tent didn’t bend,’ our tester says. Stability is enhanced by full-length pole sleeves, which ensure even tension for the four DAC 9mm Featherlite poles. Thanks to a large, zippered vent, condensation remained low even when humidity spiked to 70% outside. The dual vestibules are 16 sq.ft. each, providing plenty of space for a trio’s gear, and carbon fiber corner struts enhance headroom. ‘I could easily sit at the front entrance in the rain and cook without hitting my head’ says our 6’1″ tester. Inside, the 53 sq.ft. interior – brightened by dual windows- proved plenty big. Bonus: Slip a headlamp into one of the corner Light Pockets, and it lights up the white canopy like a lantern.” Obi™ Elite 1P “Three easy steps to making the lightest double-wall tent possible: 1) use a single hubbed pole for 21 sq.ft. of floor space; 2) employ ultralight, 10-denier nylon for the fly; 3) tailor the fly at the front and back to use less material, and exaggerate the bathtub-style floor to compensate. And then make it 40 inches tall (at the peak) with a generous (9 sq.ft.) vestibule, and you have the three-season Obi Elite 1P. ‘This tent is so light and packs so small, I felt like I was forgetting something,’ says a tester who found his weekend kit suspiciously light for a late-winter trip in Arizona’s Superstition Mountains.” To read more of Backpacker’s 2011 Fall/Winter Gear Guide, grab one from your nearest newsstand.

NEMO Announces Gear Tester Contest Winners

NEMOlogo2006Last month, NEMO launched The Adventure Products Testing Contest through its Facebook page to find gear testers for its upcoming sleeping bag line. Gear junkies were called to submit a video and written gear review for Facebook users and the NEMO crew to vote on. Over 150 adventurers entered the contest; 13 were chosen to join the APT Team. To read more about it and see the winners, click here.

Bike Magazine Takes Losi™ 3P to Bike Week

SeptOct_cover_webFor the past couple of years, NEMO tents have gone along on Bike magazine’s Bike Week. Each year, right before the event, the guys over at the magazine call requesting some tents for their week of camping and bike testing. I’d say we’ve racked up more than a few friends over there, as each year, more and more tents head out. Here’s what they had to say after this most recent trip, you can also find this in the Sept/Oct issue of Bike. “There’s a reason why NEMO tents keep racking up awards-actually a lot of reasons-the foremost of which is their clever design. A case in point is the Losi 3P model…which weighs just a hair under 6 lbs. and boasts 50 sq.ft. of interior space-thanks to an innovative pole configuration that gives the structure exceptional strength and allows for near-vertical side walls. What’s more, its unique ratcheting system makes it a cinch to set up.” Thanks guys!

Rock & Ice Reviews Cosmo™ Air with Pillowtop™

Sept_cover_webOne of the editors at Rock & Ice recently took NEMO’s Cosmo™ Air with Pillowtop™ on a climbing trip to Spain. The trip and his review of the modular sleep system can be found in the September issue. “If I had my way, I’d live in the lap of luxury. Unfortunately, I’m a climber, which means I’m doomed to spend a lot of time sleeping in the dirt. Of course, that’s a small price to pay for being able to climb, and now there’s one great way to make this bleak inevitability into a warm extravagance. The NEMO Cosmo™ Air is the lightest, largest, most comfortable inflatable bed I’ve slept on. By itself, the Cosmo™ Air is a great product, but when paired with its accessory Pillowtop™, it’s one of the most comfortable portable mats available.”

Woodall’s Camping Life Reviews Asashi™

CL_web_coverThe June issue of Woodall’s Camping Life features a review of NEMO’s 4-person Asashi™. Here’s a little taste of what they had to say after a trip to the Adirondack’s. “…I wondered how NEMO could compete with the old guard tent manufacturers. The answer became clear the first time I used the 10.5 pound, 63-sq.ft. Asashi™ tent – it offered an intuitive setup and lots of space. With its symmetrical shaped and two same-length tent poles, it went up without a glance at the directions. The Asashi’s™ aluminum tent poles are also eco-friendly, free of heavy metals commonly used in the anodizing process, and recyclable.” To hear all they had to say about Asashi™, pick up the June issue at your local book or outdoor store.

Isopod™ 100 Making Headlines

ISOPOD_web[2]NEMO’s latest Extreme Conditions Tent series, Isopod, has been making waves within and outside of the outdoor industry. POPULAR SCIENCE The June issue of Popular Science is its 5th annual Inventions of the Year. From an airbag landing pad for snowboarders and skiers to an engine propelled boogie board, there are plenty of great innovations coming from the outdoor industry. As part of this issue, the editors highlighted 5 camping related products that are pushing the limits, making camping more enjoyable, and in some instances, safer. NEMO’s Isopod 100 was featured. Here’s what they had to say: “The Isopod 4-person tent handles any weather. Its polyurethane-coated polyester walls vent air while keeping rain out, withstand powerful wind gusts and block ultraviolet rays. Its metallic lining reflects body heat for warmth.” OUTSIDE Outside’s July issue is packed with great interviews, motivating commentary and revolutionary new tools and gear for the outdoors. Here’s a quote from Cam and some background on how we developed the Isopod series: “The more outlandish an avant-garde building or haute couture dress looks, the bigger the buzz it creates. But the designers of outdoor gear generally follow a different set of rules: if they create something that looks truly radical, it’s usually because it’s intended to be used in a truly radical context. ‘Every swatch of fabric, pole placement, fold and seam on our tents is there for a reason,’ says Cam Brensinger, the industrial designer who founded sleeping-pad and tent manufacturer NEMO Equipment. ‘That people like the way these forms look is just a bonus.’” “Designed at the behest of Antarctic Logistics and Expeditions, a company that offers support and tours on that continent, the four-person NEMO Isopod 100 was purpose-built to withstand the harsh UV rays and high winds that stafe the polar regions. When pitched properly, (there are 66 guyout points), the Isopod’s eight-pole accordion design is sturdy enough to withstand 100-mph gusts.” To learn more about NEMO’s forthcoming Isopod series, click here.