NEMO Gets The Sprout Award from Rock & Ice

Sprout_logo_webRock & Ice recently gave us The Sprout Award in their April 2009 Photo Issue. Here’s what they had to say:

“This issue the Sprout goes to NEMO for a variety of environmental and social initiatives, including a paid day off every month for employees to volunteer with community organizations. The company has officially adopted the northern end of Jenness Beach, a favorite surf spot in NH. Once a month the NEMO office picks up trash along the quarter-mile stretch of beach and documents the debris to determine its origin. In 2005, NEMO donated 150 tents to the earthquake victims in Kashmir. Each year the New Hampshire-based company allocates a portion of its profits to the Access Fund, National Wildlife Fund and Habitat for Humanity. The Nano OZ tent is made from 90% recycled or recyclable materials and NEMO is testing prototype bamboo tent poles (available later this year), which are renewable, lighter and require less energy to manufacture than aluminum poles.”

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