Losi 3P™ Gear of the Year Winner

09GOY_web[1]NEMO’s Losi 3P™ has just won its second major award of the year; it’s been named Gear of the Year by Outside. This most recent news follows Losi 3P’s™ Best All-Around 3 Person award from Backpacker in their 2009 Gear Guide. 

“In the field, the Losi 3P™ was rock-solid,” says Outside Magazine Buyer’s Guide Sam Moulton. “It easily weathered 30 mph gusts along the Missouri River. Setting it up is a snap, too, thanks to the Jake’s Foot anchoring system. But what most impressed testers was its amazing space-to-weight ratio. It’s as roomy as a Superdome-we gathered six people around a topo map without anyone hunching over-and it still weighs under six pounds.”

Outside Magazine’s Buyer’s Guide will be available on newsstands April 29th.

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