Losi 3P™ Best All-Around 3-Person

09Gear_Gde_cover_webBackpacker’s 2009 Gear Guide featured 4 NEMO products this year. The biggest news - Losi 3P is Best All-Around 3-person tent. 

“Testers were loath to part with this shelter – the surest evidence that it nails the ideal blend of space, weight and weatherproofing. ‘You could squeeze four people inside, or easily fit three and a dog,’ said one after a trip to Colorado’s Mt. Massive Wilderness. With a 50-square foot floor and soaring, 48-inch high ceiling, the double wall Losi let the biggest testers sprawl out. Vestibules are equally spacious. A multi-pocket organizer panel – the smartest tent pocket we’ve seen – kept gear stashed with library-like neatness.’ The silnylon fly beaded rain better than my freshly waxed Tacoma,’ said one tester after getting pounded by thunderstorms.”

In addition to Losi 3P, these other NEMO products were highlighted:

Gogo EX - Long and Light. “With 124″ from foot to door, an NBA center could unfurl completely…”

Nano OZ - Eco-Friendly Single-wall. “The green ingredients in this single wall tent are impressive…But it’s more than just a concept tent for green tech – it’s a legit lightweight shelter as well.” 

Tuo Standard - Deluxe Cushion. “Testers found the innovative design extremely comfortable, with a slightly firmer, more substantial feel than single layer pads – great for smoothing out bumpy ground.”

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