NEMO Announces Recycled Tent, Bamboo Poles for 2009

NANO OZ_web[1]NEMO is once again ahead of the curve in tent design. Nano OZ, a lightweight backpacking tent made from recycled content, has been announced for 2009. Nano OZ was designed with the goal of making a sturdy 2 person tent comprised mainly of recycled content without sacrificing quality. It includes more recycled and recyclable materials (90%) than any other tent currently on the market. 

“There’s no substitute for confidence in your gear, especially your tent. We have carefully researched and tested the recycled components of Nano OZ to ensure their durability, longevity and functionality. Tents require extremely technical fabrics and it is difficult to find recycled materials that meet the stringent tests we perform to ensure quality. We are proud of our accomplishment – it is one of many steps that NEMO is taking and we hope to encourage our industry partners to do the same. We are a young, small company and enjoy constantly challenging ourselves to build better and more sustainable products,” says Cam Brensinger, president and founder of NEMO.

Patterned after NEMO’s popular new tent, Nano, Nano OZ is all about efficiency. Its shape is computer optimized to yield the perfect balance of strength and interior volume. The bold catenary curves at the base of the tent cut out wasted fabric and increase tension in the walls, facilitating wind resistance and water shedding. An integrated vestibule saves weight by eliminating attachment hardware and rolls out of the way when not needed. An optional Footprint and machine washable Pawprint are also available as accessories.

All of NEMO’s aluminum poled tents, including Nano OZ, utilize DAC’s GREEN anodization process which avoids the use of toxic heavy metals in the anodizing process. The poles can also be recycled. In continuing their quest for innovation and environmentally conscious design, NEMO is also exploring how bamboo poles can be integrated into future tent designs. Bamboo has been trusted in fly rod construction for over 100 years because of its strength and flexibility. The NEMO design team believes that these benefits will correlate with the essential properties of tent poles. While the poles will be undergoing rigorous testing over the next year, bamboo poles are expected to be an accessory for Nano OZ in 2010.

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