Alison Gannett Joins NEMO as Ambassador

AG_alpinelake copyAlison Gannett, world champion extreme freeskier and award-winning global cooling consultant, joins NEMO Equipment, Inc., manufacturer of AirSupported and Extreme Conditions tents, as an ambassador. 

Alison’s background traveling the world on ski expeditions and helping design green products makes her an excellent fit for NEMO, which has a growing history of designing revolutionary products for the backcountry, and for supporting both serious adventurers and the environment. 

“NEMO strongly believes in supporting the athletes that are pushing the limits of what’s possible today with the best gear possible. We are a young company and from the beginning we’ve challenged what was thought possible from both a product standpoint and an environmental one. Teaming up with Alison just felt like a great fit. She’s a real pioneer for the outdoor industry,” says Cam Brensinger, president of NEMO Equipment, Inc. 

“I’m thrilled to be working with NEMO and am excited about their dedication to making the greenest tent on the market. I try to use the greenest products, as I feel that with every purchase we vote with our dollars-approving of how our gear was made, what it was made with, who made it and under what conditions. Not only do I want the lightest and highest performing gear, but I want the greenest gear possible. NEMO’s commitment to designing the next generation of high-quality, innovative backpacking tents that utilize the largest percentage of recycled materials in the industry is exactly the kind of project and company I want to partner with,” says Alison. 

After taking Gogo out in the field, Alison had this to say, “When I tried my first NEMO tent, the Gogo, I could not believe how easy the airbeam was to inflate and deflate and how strong it was in epic conditions. I need the best gear for foul weather, but every gram counts when bike touring or ski mountaineering. By losing the traditional metal pole system, you free yourself of so much weight and bulk.”

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