NEMO Ditto™ Bag Made From Old Tents

dittobag2[1]What happens to all of the samples and manufacturing rejects outdoor companies produce? We at NEMO didn’t know either, but instead of throwing our tents out, we’ve been storing them until we could come up with a better answer. 

Skating back from the local taco cart one afternoon, a brilliant idea came to the NEMO crew-make re-usable bags out of the old tents. By making a sustainable product out of repurposed tents, we save some trees, some petroleum and the landfills from garbage. And so the design process began. 

With help from our local Easter Seals chapter, the tents were disassembled in our studio, giving a few people with disabilities an opportunity to work and learn a new skill. The bags were then patterned and sewn by a manufacturing company here in New Hampshire. 

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