NEMO Embarks on Extreme Architecture Project Funded by NASA Institute for Advanced Concepts

space imageNEMO’s expertise in highly innovative structures is being called upon to help revolutionize exploration. The NEMO design team has been selected to work on the Extreme eXPeditionary Architecture (EXP-Arch) project to create concepts based on highly mobile, quickly deployable and retractable architecture systems for the Earth, Moon, Mars, and beyond. The EXP-Arch concept envisions mobile, self-erecting habitat/laboratory/emergency shelter systems that demonstrate adaptive exploration and are responsive to their environment. NEMO’s knowledge of lightweight and inflatable systems will help this project reach its goal of creating a habitable environment that expands up to 50 times its packed volume. The EXP-Arch project is a collaboration of Trotti & Associates, Inc., MIT and NEMO Equipment, Inc., and is funded by the NASA Institute for Advanced Concepts.

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