NEMO Embarks on Extreme Architecture Project Funded by NASA Institute for Advanced Concepts

space imageNEMO’s expertise in highly innovative structures is being called upon to help revolutionize exploration. The NEMO design team has been selected to work on the Extreme eXPeditionary Architecture (EXP-Arch) project to create concepts based on highly mobile, quickly deployable and retractable architecture systems for the Earth, Moon, Mars, and beyond. The EXP-Arch concept envisions mobile, self-erecting habitat/laboratory/emergency shelter systems that demonstrate adaptive exploration and are responsive to their environment. NEMO’s knowledge of lightweight and inflatable systems will help this project reach its goal of creating a habitable environment that expands up to 50 times its packed volume. The EXP-Arch project is a collaboration of Trotti & Associates, Inc., MIT and NEMO Equipment, Inc., and is funded by the NASA Institute for Advanced Concepts.

Climber Camilo Lopez uses Tenshi and Moki in the Himalaya

DSCN1329revNewsWebsiteNEMO is proud to welcome climber Camilo Lopez to our team of dedicated athletes and product testers, as he attempts a solo ascent of the Himalayan giant, Cho Oyo. This adventure is part of a broader quest for the Colombian climber to summit all 14 of the 8,000 meter peaks without using supplemental oxygen. He is using our two person assault tent, Tenshi, and our new, three person, four season tent, Moki. Moki will be available to the public in March of 2007.

You can read Camilo’s expedition updates in the Journey section of our website

Team NEMO Conquers Primal Quest

Team-NEMO-At-FinishAfter more than 8 days battling the desert conditions of Southeastern Utah, the undoubtedly unique, undeniably charming, unequivocally feminine, team NEMO crossed the finish line at this year’s Primal Quest expedition adventure race. The race, generally considered the world’s toughest adventure race, covered nearly 500 miles of kayaking, desert trekking, mountain biking, river swimming, horseback riding and rock climbing. Team NEMO, comprised of three phenomenal female athletes and one brave male, held their ground with determination, vigor and a good deal of humor against a male dominated race series. The New England based team, is proud to race under the sponsorship of New England based companies NEMO Equipment, Inc. & Malden Mills.

Primal Quest

GQ’s camping guide features Morpho

GQ_logoGQ’s July edition Featured a section on The Great(er) Outdoors in which camping products were selected not only for being lightweight and efficient, but also their creative design. Morpho was selected as the tent of choice for its inflatable beams, compact pump, and faster setup than traditional poled tents.

Hypno PQ: Official tent of Primal Quest 2006

primal quest[1]As the world’s premier adventure race, Primal Quest is an 800km expedition that will test the outer limits of man and equipment against the raw rugged landscape of the wild American west. In partnering with Primal Quest, NEMO has sponsored the majority of the top ranked teams, and a Hypno PQ, the official tent of the race, has been placed at each of the 42 checkpoints. With 90 co-ed teams traveling 800 km across the most rugged and remote terrain in North America, Team NEMO has set themselves apart by being the only one man, three woman team to compete in the race. The race began June 25th and will last for up to ten days when the final teams cross the finish line.

Good Luck to Team NEMO!

Outside Magazine Buyer’s Guide

Outside_logoOutside Magazine Buyer’s Guide

May 2006

Outside Magazine, featured Morpho AST in the much anticipated 2006 Outside Magazine Buyer’s Guide. “Eyeing the Morpho’s inflatable airbeams, I was ready to dismiss this pneumatic freak. Then I pumped it up in about one minute and dived into the two-person playroom. Intrigue grew when a not-so-errant pocket knife didn’t pop the rigid airbeams…”

America’s 100 Best – Reader’s Digest

RDweb_logo150America’s 100 Best

April 2006: Reader’s Digest Magazine

NEMO was suprised and honored to receive this annual award by the Editor’s of Reader’s Digest Magazine. As quoted by Reader’s Digest: “Campers everywhere will appreciate the latest and coolest in outdoor shelter design. New Hampshire outdoorsman Cam Brensinger has created a line of tents supported by, of all things, air. So what does that mean? No more jamming collapsible and hard-to-handle poles through nylon sleeves. Those bound for the woods can now inflate their highly waterproof abodes using the very lightest of foot pumps. The invention has the adventure world abuzz.” 

Read the article here!

NEMO Partners with Primal Quest: Limited Edition Tent

pqAvailable in limited edition, NEMO Equipment, Inc. and Primal Quest, LLC have joined together to create the world’s foremost expedition adventure shelter, the Hypno PQ. 

Hypno PQ marks a new industry standard for fast-packing, ultralight travel shelters. The NEMO tent represents an extraordinary collaboration with the architects of the 2006 Primal Quest Expedition Adventure Race and over two years of field development in demanding environments with world-class athletes.

During development, NEMO designers worked closely with several of the world’s most elite adventure racing teams. The closest collaboration came from defending Primal Quest champions, U.S. team Nike/Balance Bar. In 2004, the team challenged NEMO’s President and Founder, Cam Brensinger, to make the ultimate tent for ultralight adventure travel. In 2005, NEMO outfitted Nike/Balance Bar and several other elite teams with Hypno AR. Hypno PQ is the next evolution of the adventure tent with several notable refinements, including increased headroom, improved fabrics, lighter weight and smaller packed volume.

» 2.7 lbs 
» AirSupported Technology 
» Set up in as little as 30 seconds 
» No traditional poles or rigid structural elements 
» Very small packed volume

Get a sneak peak at the 2006 Hypno PQ here!